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Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe

Title: Mage

Basics of Magery

So you think the life of a mage is pretty exciting do you? It certainly can be at times. Most mages around here are also skilled in Alchemy or Inscription or both. When you aren't stuck sitting at your desk writing until you have hand cramps or standing on your feet for hours making this potion or that you are out fighting the creatures of the land.

Now let me start by saying if you wish to make use of meditation you better not be wearing pure metal armor. You can not effectively meditate in Ringmail, Chainmail or Platemail armor. This means you are limited to leather, bone and studded leather armor. This isn't really too bad considering some of your spells will make it harder for you to be hit.

Now just because you can magically raise your AR don't be thinking you can go toe to toe with the biggest baddies of the land because you can't. You'll find you simply don't have time to have combat skills like your average adventurer. If you want to go toe to toe with the baddies you might want to head over to the warrior school.

How do you beat the baddies then? Easy, use the right combination of spells. Now you may think that something as simple as a curse isn't going to help you. If you think this, you are wrong. Anything that you can do to make the creature easier to kill will save your life or the life of a warrior out there. Know your spells and know your enemy. Know what creatures are succeptable to what kind of attack. Summon backup if you have to. As your knowledge grows you will find you can call upon various creatures to help you in a fight.

If ever you are traveling in a group make sure you keep an eye on your friends, especially the warriors. They have this strange desire to stand up to what ever is in their way and pound on it. Keep them alive! If the warriors all fall you are sure to be next!


Please note, all spell effects and durations calculated at 100 magery, meditation and invocation/necromancy/animal lore. The Skill entry tells you the amount of Magery skill required for 50% chance to cast the spell. 20 points under the required skill makes 0% chance, while 20 points over it makes 100% chance.

Circle One

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Clumsy 4 2 Uus Jux Bloodmoss, nightshade 10-16 points of dex loss 7 minutes
Create Food 4 2 In Mani Ylem Garlic, Ginsing, Mandrake Root creates random food NA
Feeblemind 4 2 Rel Wis Nightshade, Ginsing 10-16 points of int loss 7 minutes
Heal 4 2 In Mani Garlic, Ginsing, Sipider Silk. heals 18-20 HP. NA
Magic Arrow 4 2 In Por Ylem Blackperl, Nightshade 2-15 points of magic damage to target NA
Night Sight 4 2 In Lor Spider Silk, Sulphurous Ash Changes light levels to normal daytime levels 1 hour 40 minutes
Reactive Armor 4 2 Flam Sanct Garlic, Spider Silk, Sulferous Ash. 1 shot spell reflects damage of physical attack on attacket until hit
Weaken 4 2 Des Mani Garlic, Nightshade 10-16 points of Str loss 7 minutes

Circle Two

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Agility 6 16 Ex Uus Bloodmoss, Mandrake 10-16 points of Dex gain 14-30 minutes
Cunning 6 16 Uus Wis Nightshade, Mandrake 10-16 points of Int gain 14-30 minutes
Cure 6 16 An Nox Garlic, Ginsing Cures poison. NA
Harm 6 16 An Mani Nightshade, SpiderSilk 4-21 points of ice damage to target NA
Magic Trap 6 16 In Jux Garlic, Spider silk, Sulphurous Ash Does not work in WOD NA
Magic Untrap 6 16 An Jux Garlic, Ginsing, Sulphurous Ash Does not work in WOD NA
Protection 6 16 Uus Sanct Garlic, Ginsing, Sulphurous Ash 8-12 AR (14-21 if magery+med+invoc/necro/alore>255) 14-30 minutes
Strength 6 16 Uus Mani Mandrake, Nightshade 10-16 points of Str gain 14-30 minutes

Circle Three

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Bless 9 30 Rel Sanct Mandrake, Garlic 10-16 points gain to Str, Dex and Int 14-30 minutes
Fireball 9 30 Vas Flam Blackperl, Sulphurous Ash 6-27 points of fire damage to target NA
Magic Lock 9 30 An Por Bloodmoss, Garlic, Suplhurous Ash Does not work in WOD NA
Poison 9 30 In Nox Nightshade Target afflicted with normal poison until target is cured or dead
Telekinesis 9 30 Ort Por Ylem Bloodmoss, Mandrake pick up items with the power of your mind. NA
Teleport 9 30 Rel Por Bloodmoss, Mandrake jump from current location to targeted location if visible. NA
Unlock 9 30 Ex Por Bloodmoss, Garlic Does not work in WOD NA
Wall of Stone 9 30 In Sanct Ylem Bloodmoss, Garlic generates a wall of stone 5 tiles wide at targeted location. 2 minutes

Circle Four

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Arch Cure 11 44 Vas An Nox Garlic, Ginsing, Mandrake as cure, all targets within 6 tiles of caster. NA
Arch Protection 11 44 Vas Uus Sanct Garlic, Ginsing, Mandrake, Sulphurous Ash as protection, all targets within 6 tiles of caster. 14-30 minutes
Curse 11 44 Des Sanct Garlic, Nightshade, Sulphurous Ash 10-16 point loss to all stats (20-32 if cast on npc) 7-28 minutes
Fire Field 11 44 In Flam Grav Sulphurous Ash, Blackperl 5 tile wide wall of fire centered on target. Wall does 6-27 points of fire damage 45 seconds
Greater Heal 11 44 In Vas Mani Garlic, Ginsing, Mandrake, Spider Silk heals 28-43 points of damage NA
Lightning 11 44 Por Ort Grav Blackperl, Sulphurous Ash, Mandrake 8-33 points of electrical damage to target. NA
Mana Drain 11 44 Ort Rel Blackperl, Mandrake, Spidersilk Drains up to 40 mana from target NA
Recall 11 44 Kal Ort Por Blackperl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake Root target rune: set homepoint. Target self: teleport to homepoint. NA

Circle Five

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Blade Spirit 14 58 In Jux Hur Ylem Blackperl, Mandrake, Nightshade summons blade spirit to attack target. NA
Dispel Field 14 58 An Grav Blackperl, Garlic, Spidersilk, Sulphurousash dispells field spells like fire field. Will also work on Gates. NA
Incognito 14 58 Kal In Ex Bloodmoss, Garlic, Nightshade Changes character name and physical attributes 7 minutes
Magic Reflection 14 58 In Jux Sanct Garlic, Mandrake, Spidersilk Reflects the effects of one spell back on the caster NA
Mind Blast 14 58 Por Corp Wis Blackperl, Mandrake, Nightshade, Sulphurous Ash 8-33 points of magic damage if caster int > target int NA
Paralyze 14 58 An Ex Por Garlic, Mandrake, Spidersilk Paralize target for duration or until target struck 30 seconds
Poison Field 14 58 In Nox Grav Blackperl, Nightshade, Spidersilk 5 tile wall of poison centered on caster's target. Poison level 3 45 seconds
SummonCreature 14 58 Kal Xen Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk summons random animal nearly 4 minutes

Circle Six

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Dispel 20 72 An Ort Garlic, Mandrake, Sulphurous ash Dispells summoned creature NA
Energy Bolt 20 72 Corp Por Blackperl, Nightshade 12-45 points of electrical damage to target NA
Explosion 20 72 Vas Ort Flam Blackperl, Mandrake, Sulphurous ash 12-45 points of fire damage to all within 3 tiles of target. NA
Invisibility 20 72 An Lor Xen Bloodmoss, Nightshade Turns Caster invisible for duration or action is taken. about 1 and a half minutes
Mark 20 72 Kal Por Ylem Blackperl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake Marks rune with location for gate or recall use. NA
Mass Curse 20 72 Vas Des Sanct Garlic, Mandrake, Nightshade, Sulphurous ash 10-16 point loss on all atts to all within 4 tiles of target. 7 minutes
Paralyze Field 20 72 In Ex Grav Blackperl, Ginsing, Spidersilk 5 tile field centered on catster's target, all crossing the field resist or paralize 45 seconds
Reveal 20 72 Wis Quas Bloodmoss, Sulphurous Ash spell mimics the detect hidden skill. NA

Circle Seven

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Chain Lightning 40 86 Vas Ort Grav Bloodmoss, Blackperl, Mandrake, Sulphurous ash. Lightning spell on all targets in 6 tiles of target, each bolt does 14-51 points of electrical damage NA
Energy Field 40 86 In Sanct Grav Blackperl, Mandrake, Spidersilk, Sulphurous ash Creates 5 tile field of electrical energy. Damage as Energy Bolt 45 seconds
FlameStrike 40 86 Kal Vas Flam Spider Silk, Sulphurous Ash 14-51 points of Fire Damage to target NA
Gate 40 86 Vas Rel Por Blackperl, Mandrake, Sulphurous ash Opens portal from current location to selected location. Gate stays open for 30 seconds
ManaVampire 40 86 Ort Sanct Blackperl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk Drains up to 40 Mana from the target. NA
Mass Dispel 40 86 Vas An Ort Blackperl, Garlic, Mandrake, Spidersilk dispells summoned creatures within 6 tiles of the target. NA
Meteor Swarm 40 86 Kal Des Flam Ylem Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk, Sulphurous ash Fireballs all targets within 3 tiles of caster. Inflicts 12-45 points of fire damage per target. NA
Polymorph 40 86 Vas Ylem Rel Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk 16-32 point bonus to all stats plus AR bonus of 1-4points. 7-28 minutes

Circle Eight

Spell Mana Skill Power Words Reagents Effect Duration
Earthquake 50 100 In Vas Por Bloodmoss, Ginsing, Mandrake, Sulphurous Ash. 14-51 points of damage to all in 6 tiles of target. NA
EnergyVortex 50 100 Vas Corp Por BlackPerl, Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Nightshade Summon's Energy Vortex. About 4 minutes
Resurrection 50 100 An Corp Bloodmoss, Garlic, Ginsing Restores life to dead player, henchmen or pet NA
Summon Air Elemental 50 100 Kal Vas Xen Hur Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk Summons Air Elememtal About 4 minutes
Summon Daemon 50 100 Kal Vas Xen Corp Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk, Suplhurous Ash Summons Deamon About 4 minutes
Summon Earth Elemental 50 100 Kal Vas Xen Ylem Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk Summons Earth elemental About 4 minutes
Summon Fire Elemental 50 100 Kal Vas Xen Flam Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk, Suplhurous Ash Summons Fire elemental About 4 minutes
Summon Water Elemental 50 100 Kal Vas Xen An Flam Bloodmoss, Mandrake, Spidersilk Summons Water elementa. About 4 minutes

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