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Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe, Scribe

Title: Wizard

There are two functions for this skill. Invocation was originally Evaluate Intelligence, allowing caster's to estimate the intelligence of a creature.

The other function can increases the effectiveness of attack and "buff" spells. The effectiveness of these spells is determined by a "random die roll". For "buff" spells a high invocation skill allows you a second roll and the better of the two results is used. Only for "buff" spells do Necromancy (spirit speak) and Animal Lore work in place of Invocation.

For attack spells your invocation is compared to the target's Magic Resistance and damage is modified based on the comparison. Only the invocation skill is compared with the target's Magic Resist skill to modify base damage. Druids and Necromancers should have some Invocation Skill.

If you are attacking a target with a low Magic Reistance or no Magic Resistance it is possible for you to do up to 150% of the normal damage. This means a spell that generated 30 points of damage will now do 45 points after invocation.

Many of the tougher monsters out there have a high magic resist. This can cause your spell to be anywhere from 50% to 150% effective. A high invocation is a must for the dedicated spell caster.

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