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Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe

Title: Necromancer

General Info

Notes to Aspiring Necromancers:

  1. Most spells are difficult to cast. Many require not only Magery checks but also Necromancy (spirit speak)checks.
  2. If you fail the Magery check you do not lose reagents. If you fail the Necromancy check you will lose the reagents.
  3. You can set up macros for these spells. You must be holding your necro staff and chant the spell's power words. Your Codex must be in your main backpack for this to work.
  4. You can perform any other action (skill/spell/item use) while your Necro book is open.
  5. Your Necro book is NOT newbiefied.
  6. Something else worth mentioning is that there's a button in the necromancy book that shows the powerwords and reagents needed for each spell.
  7. Casting a necro spell from a Codex Damnorum will now unhide you (if hidden).

Also, Congratulations to Balinor the owner of what I believe to be the first complete Necro Book on the shard. Taint and myself only need the Raise Dead spell. Taint also wanted it known that he held the complete book first, as he was the one that inscribed Balinor's last spell. =]

Here are some places you can get the necro reagents (Thank you Mego):

  • Earth Elemental: 3 fertile dirts
  • Valkryies: 3 Blackmoor
  • Great Dragon: 5 Dragons Blood
  • Drake: 7 Scales
  • Dragon: 6 Dragons Blood, 3 scales
  • Zombie: 1 fertile dirt
  • Corpser: 1 brimstone
  • Gremlin: 1 blackmoor
  • Gazer: 3 Bloodspawns
  • Gargoyle: 3 Executioners Caps
  • Ent: 3 Executioners Caps
  • Snake: 3 scale, 1 Cap
  • Shade: 3 Bloodspawn, 2 Blackmoor


Lesser Chants

Chant Power Words Mana Skill Reagents Effects
Animate Dead Corpus Sine Nomine Expergefaceret 6 31 Blood, Bone, Fertile Dirt Creates a Zombie from a corpse. The better the corpse you cast this on, the better the zombie.
Commune Dice 6 31 Bone, Volcanic Ash Speak with the Dead
Control Undead Nutu Magistri Supplicare 9 43 Bloodspawn, Mandrake Root, Spider Silk Tame lesser undead (i.e. Skeletons, Zombies, etc.)
Darkness Nox 6 31 Blackmoor Blinds target
Sacrifice Animus Ex Corporis Resolveretur 11 54 Black Pearl, Bloodspawn, Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash Explodes a tamed creature
(damage based on the Str of the target)
Spectre's Touch Enervare 11 54 Brimstone, Daemon Bone, Executioner's Cap Transfer Str, Dex and Int from target to you (long duration)
Wraith's Breath Manes Sollicti Mi Compellere 14 66 Bloodspawn, Brimstone, Daemon Bone Area damage spell, part of the damage is converted to mana and absorbed
Frost Field Umbrae Tenebrae Venarent 14 66 Black Pearl, Serpent Scale, Spider Silk Similar to fire field but is ice damage

Greater Chants

Chant Power Words Mana Skill Reagents Effects
Kill Ulties Manum Necarent 40 88 Daemon Bone, Dragon's Blood, Executioner's Cap Target Dies
Liche Umbrae Tenebrae Miserere Animi Non Digna Ferentis 50 100 Blackmoor, Daemon Bone, Dragon's Blood, Executioner's Cap, Nightshade Similar to polymorph but turns the caster's skin red. This spell lasts a very long time. Failure of the casting check kills the caster.
Plague Fluctus Puter Se Aresceret 50 100 Bloodspawn, Dragon's Blood, Nightshade, Serpent's Scales Powerful area effect poison.
Release Nutu Magistri Se Resolvere 11 54 Batwing, Executioner's Cap, Nightshade Same as Kill but only for Undead (easier check)
Raise Dead Manes Turbidi Sollictique Vocam 14 66 Blood, Bone, Brimstone, Spider Silk A weaker version of Summon Spirit. This spell does not require a corpse in the vacinity.
Transfusion Nutu Magistri Se Compellere 20 77 Blood, Ginseng, Mandrake Root Transfers health from one target to another
Summon Spirit Manes Turbidi Sollictique Resolverent 40 88 Bloodspawn, Brimstone, Daemon Bone, Dragon's Blood Summons a powerful Undead (Shade, Wraith, Liche, etc)
Wraithform Manes Sollicti Mihi Infundite 20 77 Bat Wing, Bloodspawn, Brimstone, Daemon Bone Transforms the caster into a Wraith. Causes magical damage in an area around the caster and transforms this damage into mana.

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