From The World of Dreams Manual


Trained By: Alchemist, Apothecary, Mage, Scribe

Title: Medium

Meditation is important for any spell caster or inscriptionist. This skill allows you to regain mana faster than the normal recovery rate. You are limited to wearing studded leather or lower for meditation to work properly. Any full metal armor like ring mail will prevent you from properly meditating.

The rate at which you gain mana back is based on your level of meditation, magery and invocation/animal lore/necromancy skills.

Skill Range Recovery Rate
95.1% + 5 mana per second
80.1% - 95% 4 mana per second
80% or less 2 mana per second

Your success at meditating is also determined by your skill level and the amount of mana you are trying to recover. The skill check is based partially on the difference between your intelligence and your current mana. For example, if you have 100 Int and are currently at 50 Mana the skill check is 60%. If at any time you are at 0 mana the skill check is 100% regardless of your intelligence.

There are 2 things that can break your concentration while meditating, movement or being attacked. When meditation you can not move or you will stop. You also can not start to do any other actions as you are too busy meditating. If you are hunting and get hit by a MOB while meditating you will stop. You can start back up but if you get hit again you will stop. If you need mana in combat, try to use mana vampire or similar spells to steal from the creatures around you.

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