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Animal Lore/Druidry

Trained By: Beekeeper, Butcher, Cobbler, Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Leatherworker, Ranger, Shipwright

Title: Druid

Animal Lore is used in the casting of Druid spells, and calming fierce creatures to tame them.

Druid Staff

Druid Staff Rune Bag Making Runes Spells

The Druid Staves are powerful tools. The first function we learned how to use was to cure the blights that infect the land. By speaking the words "nigh tir" while holding the staff a druid will start the healing process, if the druid was strong enough to cure that particular blight.
When we received the first of the druid spells we learned that by simply speaking the power words for the spell while holding the staff would enact the spell. It is highly recommended by many of the order to be able to speak the words at a moments notice.

Druid Staves can be made in the Druid Grove. To make the staff you will need to have 5 Reaper Heartwoods in your main backpack. Double click the table and select "Make Druid Staff".

Rune Bag

Druid Staff Rune Bag Making Runes Spells

Runebags are the "Codex Damorium" of the druid. All of your runes need to be placed in the Runebag for you to be able to cast the spell. If you use the shortcut of saying the words while holding your Druid Staff the runebag will need to be located in your main backpack. To add runes to the runebag you will need to double click the rune and then target the runebag.

RuneBags can be made in the Druid Grove. To make the bag you will need to have 20 Serpent Hides (white hides) in your main backpack. Double click the table and select "Make Runebag".

Making Runes

Druid Staff Rune Bag Making Runes Spells

Making the spell runes requires both your Druid knowledge and spell reagents. All runes will require either a Reaper or Ent Heartwood. To make the rune you need to use Animal Lore on the heartwood. You will then be prompted to select which spell you wish to make. Here is what you will need to make the various spells:

Spell Animal Lore Skill Reagents
Grasping Roots 60 1 Ent Heartwood, 10 Brimstone, 5 Nightshade
Stinging Swarm 60 1 Reaper Heartwood, 5 Bee's Wax, 5 Spider Silk
Wolf Pack 80 1 Ent Heartwood, 5 Raw Ribs, 5 Spider silk, 5 Bloodmoss
Tree Form 80 5 Ent Heartwood
Tital Wave 80 i Reaper Heartwood, 10 Black Pearl, Raw Mandrake
Tranquility 80 1 Ent Heartwood, Raw Ginseng, 10 Feathers
Sylvan Guardian 100 5 Reaper Heartwood, 10 Deadwood, 5 Executioners Caps
Cloak of Protection 90 1 Ent Heartwood, 1 Raw Garlic, 10 Serpent Scales, 10 Serpent Hides
Nature's Blessing 90 1 Ent Heartwood, a diamond, and raw ginseng
Nature's Curse 90 1 Reaper heartwood, a diamond, and raw nightshade
Summoning 80 1 Ent heartwood, 3 Rubies, Raw Mandrake
Fire Snakes 80 1 Reaper Heartwood, 20 Serpent Scales, 1 Flame Potion
Snow Storm 90 1 Ent Heartwood, 1 Sapphire, 1 Daemon Bone, 1 Raw Mandrake

As you've no doubt noticed, we need raw spell regs to make some of our spell runes. While I have not been able to find the raw regs myself I've heard they can be found in the following locations:

Raw Ginseng The islands in the fourth tier of Shame
Raw Garlic The island in the third tier of Despise
Raw Nightshade The lowest (fourth?) tier of Destard
Raw Mandrake The crypts in the fourth tier of Deciet


Druid Staff Rune Bag Making Runes Spells

As stated previously the Druid spells are easy to cast while holding your staff. One thing I have noticed is that the macro you make must have the correct capitalization or the spell will not be cast. Here is a list of the spells, thier power words, magery skill requirements, mana usage, reg requirements and effects.

Spell Magery Needed Mana Used Power Words Reagents Effect
Grasping Roots 54 11 Tiolp Luibh 2 Brimstone
1 Nightshade
This spell summons the roots of surrounding trees to attack the target. Useful for drawing the heat off you to meditate, buff or heal.
Stinging Swarm 77 20 Sgob Sgaoth 1 Bee's Wax
1 Spider Silk
A swarm of bees will attack the target. The swarm will move with the target. Careful in combat with this one, anything or anyone too close to the swarm will also get stung. This can earn you a criminal flag or draw another player's summoned beasts onto you.
Wolf Pack 66 14 Filliu Prasgan 1 Raw Rib
1 Spider Silk
1 Blood Moss
This spell calls forth a number of spirit wolves based on your skill in magic. The wolves will act like any normal tamed animal responding to the same commands. Great against mobile targets and for drawing the heat off you.
Tree Form 43 9 Craobh Cuma 1 Deadwood
1 Bloodmoss
1 Nightshade
Upon casting this spell you will take the form of a tree. When in this form you will not be attacked by any beast, and any attacking you will stop. Any movement or spell casting while in Treeform will negate the spell. There is also some regeneration of hit points over and above the norm when in TreeForm (no details on this at this time).
Tital Wave 88 40 Sdhbhal Roiseal 2 Blackpearl
1 Mandrakeroot
A column of water will pour down from the sky upon the target causing a steady stream of damage.
Tranquility 77 20 Siochaint 1 Ginseng
2 Feathers
This spell has a large area of effect and will cause any attacker to leave in peace. This is the best way to get a monster to stop attacking you so you can meditate, heal or buff. It has been noted that if a warrior is near by beating on a creature in the area of effect, the creature will turn to defend itself.
Sylvan Guardian 100 50 Coileach Crogan 3 deadwood
1 Executioners cap
1 spiders silk
This spell will summon a treant (Ent like creature) that will aid you.
Cloak of Protection 88 40 Cleoca An Dion 10 cloth
3 serpent scales
5 garlic
Creates a Cloak which you put on and apparently protects you from poison
Nature's Blessing 88 40 Ionnsaich Sabaid Ealadh 1 Firtle Dirt
1 Amber
2 Mandrake root
Increases combat skills roughly 10%.
Nature's Curse 88 40 Jarrood Sabaid Ealadh 1 Firtle Dirt
1 Amber
2 Nightshade
Decreases combat skills of the target creature
Summoning 88 40 Shiva Sov 1 Ruby
3 Serpent Scales
5 Mandrake Root
First this spell opens a list of the characters who are online. Once a character is selected a green, one-way portal is opened between the caster and the requested player.
Fire Snakes 88 40 Dreallsach Nathair Volcanic Ash
2 Serpent Scales
Executioner's Cap
Upon selecting a target this spell summons 1-3 small red snakes that will slither to the target. Upon reaching the target they explode similar to the Explosion spell. Be careful with this one as the snakes can turn on you if you are in close quarters.
Snow Storm 88 40 Ceau Sniaghtee 1 Sapphire
2 Black Perls
1 Mandrake Root
Snow Storm has a large area of effect. Any create caught in the area of effect of this spell will take cold damage. Similar to a field spell or Stinging Swarm this spell also does Damage over Time. Creatures that remain in the area of effect will continue to take damage until the effects wear off. Creatures that leave the area of effect will not longer take damage.

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