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Trained By: Architect, Armorer, Carpenter, Jeweler, Tinker, Weaponsmith

Title: Tinker

General Info

There are 6 things you can tinker on: metal ingots, sand ingots, clay ingots and gold ingots, Obsidian, and Porcelain Ingots. You can make all kinds of different things based on what you use your tools on. As a tinker you can make all kinds of cool and exciting things. When tinkering with Clay ingots you have to be standing near an oven.

Crafting Items


item Skill Glass ingots
Empty Bottle 30 2
Flask 50 10
Goblet 50 4
Crystal Ball 70 20
Glass Pitcher 30 6
Obsidian 90 25
Drinking Glass 30 4


item Skill Clay ingots
Alchemy Symbols (all) 80 20
Mug 12 4
Plate 15 8
Small Vase 25 10
Large Vase 40 20
Basin 15 10
Flower Pot 12 10
Large Flower Pot 25 20
Statue (any) 50 50
Porcelain 90 25


item Skill Logs
Axle 20 2
Joining Plane 30 4
Mounding Plane 30 4
Smoothing Plane 44 4
Dipping Stick 30 4
Wooden Bowl 60 3


Item Skill Gold Ingots
Wands 75 25
Necklace 70 8
Bracelet 60 6
Earrings 50 4
Ring 50 4

Carpenter's Tools

item Skill Ingots
Dovetail Saw 20 4
Froe 30 2
Hammer 50 4
Inshave 15 2
Saw 50 4
Scorp 30 2

Smithy Tools

item Skill Ingots
Smith's Hammer 40 10
Shovel 30 4
Sledge Hammer 40 10
Tongs 50 4
Pickaxe 40 10

Metal Knives

item Skill Ingots
Butcher Knife 40 10
Skinning Knife 40 10
Cleaver 40 10
Draw Knife 40 10

Metal Parts

item Skill Ingots
Gears 40 2
Hinge 30 2
Springs 30 2


item Skill Ingots
Metal Chest 85 100
Strong Box 75 75
Kettle 40 6
Frying Pan 50 10
Spy Glass 100 5
Silverware 90 5
Spitton 70 10
Lantern 80 25
Copper Key 40 2
Gold Key 40 2
Key Ring 40 2

Other Stuff

item Skill Ingots
Hatchet 40 10
Tinker's Tools 80 20
Scissors 50 4
Sewing Kit 30 2
Lock Picks 50 2

Making Candles

You need 5 wax, a kettle, a dipping stick and a head (carve monster for head) to make a skull candle. If you just want candles, you dont need the head. There is a tinkering skillcheck. Steps are as follows:
1) Use head on kettle to get skull (if you want skull candle)
2) Use 5 beeswax on kettle to get a pot of wax
3) Use dipping stick on the pot of wax to get a candle
4) Use skull on the candle to get a skull candle (unlit)

Preserved Heads

Posted By Drocket-- Heads are going to start decaying in a few days. They'll last for 3 days from when you cut them off. You can now preserve them, though. A tinker can do it with the head, straw (You can buy this from a farmer), and a greater cure potion (I'm very, very sorry for this horrible pun, but I was unable to resist it. ) Use either tinker tools or a tool kit on the head while you have the other two items in your main backpack and you'll preserve the head so that it won't decay. Its a skill based difficulty check (so 60 skill = 60% chance of success.) You won't ruin the head even if you fail, but you'll use up the other items. Preserved heads will have a title to them "the preserved head of (mob/character name here)"


See Magic Mounts and Constructs

Making Clocks

To make a clock, you need a clock frame, springs, gears, and an axle. Use the gears and it'll automatically go together with the axle to make an axle with gears. Use that and it'll go together with the springs to make clock parts. Use the clock frame and you get a clock.

Making Sextants

First you need an axle and gears. Use them together (keep them in the main level of your backpack and double click one or the other) and you'll get, well, and axle and gears. Double click a hinge while you have that and the axle and gears in your backpack and you'll get sextant parts. Double click THAT while you have yet another axle and you'll get a sextant.

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