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An obsidian golem can be created by a tinker with at least 90 skill in both magery and tinkering by using their tools on 200 Obsidian. An obsidian golem works much the same way as obsidian and porcelain mounts, except that you cannot mount them. If you fail your skill check creating this item, you will lose anywhere between 21 and 50 obsidian.


You make a totem and elixer.

Totem (use heating stand on batwing)
2 batwings + 5 daemonbones + 6 trollhides
Elixer (use heating stand on wyrmheart)
1 wyrmheart + 1 diamond + bottle

When you have the elixir and the totem in your main pack, It does not matter which one you use. You can drink the elixir or double click on the totem.

At 100 alchemy skill you only have (about) a 25% chance to make it. So you will fail quite often. When you fail 1 of 4 thing can happen:

1.    You get poisoned, worse than deadly. So keep some greater cures around.
2.     You lose you hair. Go to the barber at the Provisions in Brittain to get your hair back or use a hair tonic.
3.     Your skin color temporarly turns blue
4.     Sex change from male to female or vice versa

Death and a Homoculus:

If the homoculus is in the same area as you when you die (it won't work if it got hit with a spell or something and ran off and hid), you'll get transfered to the body of the homoculus. Basically, the homoculus dies in your place, and you don't suffer any skill lose for that death. You'll fly around in the monkey body for half an hour or so before returning to normal. If the homoculus somehow dies by itself, it just dies. Nothing special there.

Dundee's Post:

Apart from "all follow me" He'll obey "cure", "heal" and "light" - if he has enough mana. He'll "fetch" one item or "loot" everything around. And then he will "give" it to you in whatever container you want it to be put in. Monsters ignore him. If he does get hurt then he'll run away (though he's pretty beefy now).

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