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Trained By: Architect, Armorer, Jeweler, Tinker, Weaponsmith

Title: Miner


Ore Type Skill Required
Iron Ore None
Bronze Ore 40
Dull Copper Ore 50
Copper Ore 60
Onyx Ore 70
Pyrite Ore 80
Malachite Ore 90
Azurite Ore 90
Ruby Steel Ore 90
Blue Steel Ore 90

Using a pick or shovel in a cave, dungeon or mountain side will allow you to start collecting ore. Azure Ore can be found in caves or in mountainsides. Blue steel and Ruby Steel ores can only be found in Dungoens. The type and amount of ore found is dependant on your mining skill. The table to the right shows the minimun required skill to mine a specific type of ore. The amount find Ore at a time is also determined by your skill:

  • 60 Skill = 4-8 Ore
  • 80 Skill = 5-9 Ore
  • 100 Skill = 6-10 Ore

While mining for ore there are different things that can happen to you. You can find a slime or earth elemental, find a tattered map, find a piece of amber or break your mining tool.

Mining Sand

Mining for sand is not much different than mining for ore. The primary difference is in what you will collect. Instad of finding all different types of ore you will simply dig up and collect sand. Sand can be smelted into glass to be used by a player skilled in Tinkering. The amount of sand you find at a a time is based on your mining skill:

  • 60 Skill = 4-8 sand
  • 80 Skill = 5-9 sand
  • 100 Skill = 6-10 sand

The other difference is where you will be mining. Sand can be obtained by diggng along a beach, some shorelines for the seas or rivers and the Compassion Desert

Not only will you find sand while mining there are other things that can happen. You can uncover a slime or sand elemental, find a piece of amber, find a tattered map or break a shovel.

Mining Clay

Mining for Clay requires that you dig in the swamp. Swamps are located in the following places:

  • South East of the Compassion Desert
  • North of Trinsic
  • South of Destard

The amount of clay that you find is determined by your mining skill:

  • 60 Skill = 4-8 clay
  • 80 Skill = 5-9 clay
  • 100 Skill = 6-10 clay

Just as with sand and ore you can find more than just clay. You can uncover a slime or earth elemental, find a piece of amber, find a tattered map or break your tool.

Magic Shovels

To use a magic shovel you have to be able to mine the type of ore normally. If you only have 60 mining you would not be able to use an onyx shovel. Magic shovels increase your chances of finding particular types of ore. There are no magic shovels for sand or clay as that is all you find when mining for that. There are 10 types of magic shovels, 1 for each type of ore ranging from iron to azurite/rubysteel/bluesteel shovels. Having one of these shovels means you will find that type of ore faster, along with any "lower difficulty" ore. For example, an Onyx shovel increases the rate at which you will find onyx, copper, dull copper, bronze and iron ore. You will still find pyrite, malachite and bluesteel/rubysteel/azurite ores but at the same frequency that you would find them with a normal shovel or pickaxe.

Magic shovels have other benefits. You can find tattered and frazzled maps, sapphires and star sapphires if using iron - malachite shovels. If you are using an azurite/bluesteel/rubysteel shovel you can find frazzled and frayed maps, rubies, emeralds or diamonds.

The increased benefits are not with out risks. All types of magic shovels have a chance of uncovering a granite elemental. Azurite/bluesteel/rubysteel shovels also have a chance to uncover 4 earth elementals at once or a giant slime.


Turning your ore into ingots uses the mining skill not the blacksmithy skill. Even though you can dig up ore you may not be able to smelt it. The table below shows the minimal mining skill needed to smelt various items.

Item to Smelt Mining skill required
Iron Ore 30
Bronze Ore 60
Dull Copper Ore 70
Copper Ore 80
Onyx Ore 85
Pyrite Ore 90
Malachite Ore 95
Azurite Ore 99
Blue Steel Ore 99
Ruby Steel Ore 99
Sand 40

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