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Trained By: Architect, Baker, Bowyer, Beekeeper, Carpenter, Farmer, Tailor, Tinker

Title: Lumberjack

Chopping Trees

Log Type Skill Required
Regular Log None
Oak Log 65
Ash Log 80
Yew Log 95
Heartwood Log 100
Bloodwood Log 100
Frostwood Log 100
Sunwood Log 100

Lumberjacking is rather simple. Equip your axe and use it on a tree. You will start choping the tree and getting logs. Different kinds of trees have a chance to give you special colored logs, depending on your skill. Elves have a higher chance of getting special colored logs. The hardest of the logs can be obtained from trees in special areas only.

The number of logs that you get is based on your lumberjacking skill. At 60 Skill you will chop 2 logs at a time. At 80 skill you will find 3 or 4 logs at a time. At 100 skill you will find between 4 and 6 logs at a time. There are also random events that can happen when you are chopping trees. You can find Deadwood which is used by Alchemists, Druids and Necromancers. You can find Amber (fossilized tree sap). There is also potential for you to be attacked. Some trees may house bees that will get angry if you disturb their home. Other times you may anger a spirit of the forest and find your self face to face with an Ent.

Making scrolls

By using a bladed item on a pile of leather hides, you can make blank scrolls.

Hide Type Skill Check Crafting time
Regular Hide 120 6
Rat Hide 90 5
Troll Hide 80 4
Lizard Hide 70 3
Dragon Hide 60 2
Serpent Hide 40 1


Many npc houses have farms, there are a lot of farms around that you can use. Seeds that are available from a Farmer are listed here, along with notes and advice:

Hops With Hops you can brew quite a number of different ales and liquors. See Cooking/Brewing for details
Onion A good investment. They stack, sell, and you can eat them or cook with them.
Wheat can be ground into flour.
Carrot Good investment. Stack, sell, eat, cooks, feeds horse.
Cotton Not a bad investment. Stacks and you can sell them or use them on spinning wheel. 5 cotton makes 3 Yarn.
Flax One thing, it sure is pretty. I love blue. Stacks, sells, and 5 flax makes 3 yarn.
Corn Stacks, sells, eats, can also be ground into cornmeal.
Turnips Stacks, sells, eats, cooks.
Lettuce Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse
Cabbage Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse
Apple Tree Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse
Peach Tree Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse
Pear Tree Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse
Banana Tree Stacks, sells, eats, cooks, feeds horse

NOTES: To grind, double click on the mill, do *not* click on the wheat or it will poof. If you click on the corn, you'll eat it.

To plant the seed, you stand right exactly where you want the plant and double click the seed. It wont be long before the plant is there, and you can then harvest. To harvest, you must have Lumberjack skill.

Planting seeds. Due to number of toplevel items and login problems, there has been a restriction placed on farms. When you plant seeds, you should alternate like a checkerboard. Another accepted fashion is to plant in groups of fours, with checkerboard. If there are more than five plants in 3x3 plot, when a plant respawns, it will destroy the other plants around it. Trees also have a spacing requirement. "Quite a bit of space" is required between trees.

Plants also have a 2 week decay rate. If you do not harvest your plants at least once every 2 weeks they will decay.

You can now plant crops at your house. Each plant counts as one lock down.


Some people like to farm animals. They buy fencing from a gm and have them put in a corral (see prices in "The Playing Hints / Housing / Addon Features).

Sheep Sheep are good to farm as they provide wool. You cannot buy cloth or bolts, so you can make them from sheep's wool. Know that sheep now have an aging factor and will die, so keep that in mind. You can pick up sheep in areas such as Moonglow or Yew. Moonglow is a little safer though.
Chicken Chickens lay eggs. You can also cook the eggs.
Cows You can now use a glass pitcher on a cow to get a pitcher of milk. Use Tinkering on glass to get glass pitchers.

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