Solo Hunting Mages/Necros/Druids

From The World of Dreams Manual

Solo Mage Tactics by Van Strudel

A few tips on soloing. First, a good buff is essential for mages. The more mana you have, the better off you will be on both the offensive and defensive spectrum. Next, keep your magic reflection up at all times. I usually carry between fifty and one hundred magic reflection scrolls on me, especially when I go where I know my opponents will be primarily casters. Another good thing to have is scrolls of Heal, Mana Vampire and Lightning Strike. Scrolls insta-cast, so there is no delay between what you wnat to cast and it's desired results. Regular heal will probably be used more often than not to save mana reserves and reagents. Remember you don't need to heal yourself back to one hundred per cent health, just enough so that your healing with bandages will recover some lost health.

When fighting mobs that are casters, check to see if they have their magic reflection up by shooting them with a magic arrow, then immediately cast mana dump or mana vampire to make it impossible for them to cast. Don't try this on some higher level mobs, as you need to have a higher intelligence and invocation than they have to be successful. If you can't drain it's mana, keep your distance and your magic reflection up. Most mobs will do far more damage to themselves than you could in the same amount of time. When fighting mobs that do not cast, try fighting them in groups. I have found that easier, as casting one energy field will kill three or four mobs with less mana reagents and time than it would to kill thhem individually. Also, when ganged up on, it's nice to have the option to cast the earthquake spell. You can cast between three and four totally buffed which will take out most lower level mobs without doing any damage to you. Also watch your mana reserves. The best things to mana vampire are brigands, archers of most every variety, and casters. These give you the most mana per cast which is essential to keeping you in the fight. Use fireball or lightning strike for the runners. And by all means experiment with every spell. You'll find that there are more useful spells than energy bolt and flamestrike.

Summons help when fighting really tough mobs. I've found when fighting, a daemon or fire elemental will help me defeat most any mob I encounter. However, when fighting mobs such as Shabooli, use earth elementals as they don't cast and won't draw any out of hiding by casting an area spell such as chainlightning.

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