Addon Features

From The World of Dreams Manual

Once you place your house, you will want furniture and knick-knacks. About house addons: You can unlock them if you want to move them around, put where you want, and lock them down again (after they've been placed). Also, in Britain at the Provisioner's (and elsewhere) you will find an npc called "Decorator". You can buy all sorts of neat things to dress up your house. There are 4 places to find cool stuff for your house: NPC Decorators, NPC Bakers, Player Carpenters and GM's. The NPC decorators have a lot of items that can not be crafted by players like decorative weapon racks, decorative shields, portrates, spider webs and more. the table below shows items that can be obtained from other sources.

Farmers now carry seeds that will create plants. When you use a flower seed, you'll be able to choose from a few different types of flowers that you can plant. If you select a flower, a flower of that type will appear locked down at your feet (using 1 house lockdown slot.) To removed a flower, unlock it like you would any other item ("I wish to lock this down", or "I wish to release this".) You will not receive a flower seed back (after all, you ripped the plant up by the roots. Its dead.) When you use a flowerseed (available from farmer NPCs), you now get a targetting cursor. If you target yourself, you'll plant the flowers where you're standing. If you target a pot or vase, you'll plant the flowers in that Sometimes looks pretty bad, sometimes looks pretty good. You'll just have to experiment.) If you target anything else, you'll cancel the planting. You now have to lock down the vase where you want it. When you target the vase, the flowers will appear on top. If you target yourself, the flowers will appear where you are standing.

GM placed Stuff Carpenter Deeds Baker Deeds Blacksmith Deeds Bee Keeper
Fences (5K per tile) Small Forge Ovens Outside lamp posts New Beehives
Teleporters1 Anvil Fire Place
Fighting Dummy
Pick Pocket Dip
Large Bed
Small Bed
Spinning Wheel
Grinding Mills

1: Teleporters cost 10% of the house and are left to GM discression. Not all houses need teleporters. For example, the 150K tower would not need teleporters where some static houses would need them to gain access to locations such as the roof (not available on all static houses).