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Cooking Trained By: Baker, Barkeep, Beekeeper, Cobbler, Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Provisioner, Shipwright

Title: Chef

General Information

Cooking is a skill for which there is some demand in WoD. Cooked food items or those that are harder to make are far superior to the simpler fruits & raw items when it comes to providing you with better stamina regeneration for those long hourneys or seiges upon the enemies.

To cook things it is suggested that you obtain a cookbook. You need to have all ingredients & any required utensils in the top level of your backpack. You need to be standing beside a good roaring heat source (campfire, oven or fireplace). You need to have at least some basic cooking skill to cook even simple items. The more complicated recipes require higher skill levels to produce successfully.

Lard and most meats can be bought from NPC butchers. Meat can also be found on some mobs if you enable autocarving. Fruits and some veggies can be bought from NPC farmers Fruits can be picked from fruit trees. Some veggies can be collected/gathered from gardens and farms. Double click an empty pitcher and target a cow to get milk. Double click an empty pitcher and target a water barrel to get water. Honey can be purchased from a beekeeper or harvested from beehives. 5 Wheat makes 10 bags of flour using the flour mill. Sausage can be made by grinding raw ribs in the flour mill. (just make sure you clean it well before using it again with corn or wheat).



Item Skill Ingredients
Dough 10 use mixing bowl on flour and water
bread 30 dough
frenchbread 40 dough
muffin 30 dough
garlic bread 60 dough + garlic


Item Skill Ingredients
Pancakes 50 frying pan, mixing bowl, flour, milk
fried eggs 30 eggs + frying pan
5 slices of bacon 30 bacon slab + frying pan
cooked sausage 40 raw sausage


Item Skill Ingredients
Cake Batter 20 use mixing bowl on flour, egg and honey
cake 50 cake batter
carrot cake 70 cake batter + 1 carrot
lemon cake 80 cake batter + 1 lemon
lime cake 80 cake batter + 1 lime
apple cake 60 cake batter + 1 apple
coconut cake 90 cake batter + 1 coconut
Fruit Cake 90 Cake Batter + 1 apple + 1 pear + 1 bottle of liquor


Item Skill Ingredients
cooked fishsteak 30 raw fishsteak
Lemon Herb Fish 60 frying pan, brown fish, Lemon
Smoked Salmon 80 blue fish
Sushi Mik 90 Yellow fish


Item Skill Ingredients
cooked rib 20 raw rib
cooked bird 20 raw bird
baked ham 40 raw ham
honey baked ham 70 raw ham, honey
fried chicken leg 50 raw chicken leg, lard, frying pan
cooked leg of lamb 60 raw leg of lamb
Jerky 80 raw rib


Item Skill Ingredients
Pie Crust 20 use rolling pin and mixing bowl on flour and honey
apple pie 60 pie crust, 2 apples
peach cobbler 70 pie crust, 2 peaches
key lime pie 90 pie crust, 1 lime, 1 egg
lemon merangue pie 90 pie crust, 1 lemon, 1 egg
coconut cream pie 80 pie crust, 1 egg, 1 coconut
Mincemeat pie 80 pie crust, raw rib, carrot, turnip
chicken potpie 80 pie crust, raw bird, carrot, turnip
pumpkin pie 50 pie crust, pumpkin


Item Skill Ingredients
Pizza Crust 20 Use rolling pin and mixing bowl on flour and water
cheese pizza 50 pizza crust, cheese
vegetarian pizza 70 Pizza crust, cheese, lettuce
sausage pizza 80 pizza crust, cheese, raw sausage
onion pizza 70 pizza crust, cheese, onion


Item Skill Ingredients
Sweet Dough 20 use mixing bowl on flour and honey
cookies 50 sweet dough
lemon tarts 70 sweet dough + lemon
apple fritters 70 sweet dough + apple


Item Skill Ingredients
Onion Rings 70 frying pan, onion, lard, flour
Cornmuffins 50 cornmeal + milk
Cheese 0 cloth + pitcher of milk, use mill


Item Skill Ingredients
Ale 70 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle or Pitcher, 4 wheat sheaves, 1 hops, water
Cider 80 Mixing Bowl, Empty Pitcher or Bottle, 4 Apples, water
Wine 90 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle or Pitcher, 6 Grapes, water
Liquor 100 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle or Pitcher, 6 corn cobs, water
Watermelon Liquor 97 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle, Watermellon
Peach Liquor 97 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle, 8 peaches
Brandy 110 Mixing Bowl, Bottle of Wine, Bottle of Liqour
Eggnog 60 Mixing Bowl, Empty Bottle, Bottle of Liqour, Milk, 2 Eggs, Honey

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