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Trained By: Beekeeper, Cobbler, Farmer, Leatherworker, Tailor

Title: Tailor

General Info

Being a tailor is not as easy as you may think. Vendors don't sell cloth, yarn or thread. To be a Tailor you need to be able to make cloth if you want to have nice clothes. Leather is easy to find, go kill that cow and viola, instant leather. What, you don't want plain tan leather goods? We'll get to that later.

Getting Cloth

As I mentioned earlier, vendors do not sell cloth, yarn or thread. How do you make shirts and pants then? Well, not with hides I can assure you. There are 3 raw materials that you can collect to start you on your journey into tailoring: sheep's wool, cotton and flax. You will need to have lumberjacking to obtain cotton or flax from a farm (see Lumberjack/farming for more information). Sheep's wool is easy to get, if you can find sheep. Often it is easy to tame a sheep or two and lock them in a corral at your house, or even inside your house (beware the landmines though). Use a dagger or skinning knife on a sheep to get wool.

So what now? You've got this material but can't seem to do anything with it? Simple, find a spinning wheel and loom. First you have to use a spinning wheel to take the raw material and make thread or yarn. Stand at the wheel and click on the raw material to turn it into yarn/thread. It will take 5 raw materials to make 2 yarn/thread. Once you have all this yarn or thread go to the loom. Use the yarn or thread to make bolts of cloth. Again, there is a 5 to 2 ratio.

Now you have this big bolt of cloth. If you use your scissors on a bolt you will make bandages out of the whole lot of cloth. While bandages are helpful I doubt you need quite that many at a time. If you use your sewing kit on the bolt you will turn it into folded cloth. Cut cloth with the scissors and you'll get 1/2 as many bandages as you would from cloth in bolt form. Any cloth or clothing must be in your backpack to be able to use scissors on it. Use your sewing kit on folded cloth to make things. The chart below will show how each item converts to the next: 25 cotton/flax/wool --> 10 yarn --> 4 bolts--> 200 cloth --> 100 bandages

Getting Hides

I told you we would get to this didn't I? There are 6 different types of hides available for you to find out there. Hide Color Found on

Tan Lizardmen, forest/desert ostards, cows, bulls, bears, rabid cats/dogs, goats, sheep, llamas, horses, deer, great hart
Dark Brown Rats, giant rats and ratmen
Green Frenzied ostards, crocodiles/alligators, some lizards
Blue Trolls
Red Dragons and drakes
White Giant Serpents and Ophidian Queens

If you want to collect hides there are a few things that you will want to do. First enable the .grab autocarve command. If this is off you will manually have to carve hides. Second go into .options and make sure that vendors will not buy the hides. A vendor will buy hides if you use "sell bag" and target a bag with hides. There is a set price for hides of about 1-2 gold per hide. It isn't worth selling most hides for this price.

Crafting Items


Item Material Skill
shirt 8 55
fancy shirt 8 60
elven shirt 8 60
fancy elven shirt 10 70
surcoat 10 70
plain dress 10 75
fancy dress 12 80
tunic 12 75
doublet 8 55
cloak 14 80
jester suit 14 85
robe 16 85
male elven robe 20 95
female elven robe 20 95


Item Material Skill
short pants 6 45
long pants 8 60
kilt 8 65
skirt 10 65
elven pants 10 70


Item Material Skill
bandana 2 10
skullcap 2 20
cap 3 30
bonnet 3 30
feathered hat 3 25
floppy hat 4 35
straw hat 4 35
tall straw hat 4 35
wide-brim hat 4 35
tricorne hat 4 40
jester hat 4 40
wizard's hat 7 50

Miscellaneous Cloth

Item Material Skill
body sash 4 45
half apron 6 50
full apron 10 70
Curtains 50 100
Banner Deed 50 100

Leather Armor

Item Material Skill
leather cap 8 50
leather gorget 6 45
leather gloves 6 45
leather sleeves 12 55
leather leggings 20 65
leather tunic 20 65

Studded Leather

Item Material Skill
studded cap 12 70
studded gorget 8 65
studded gloves 8 65
studded sleeves 20 80
studded leggings 32 90
studded tunic 32 90

Female Armor

Item Material Skill
leather bustier 20 65
studded bustier 32 90
leather skirt 20 65
leather shorts 32 90
female leather 20 65
female studded 32 90

Leaf Armor

Item Material Skill
leaf gorget 6 45
leaf gloves 6 45
leaf arms 12 55
leaf leggings 20 65
leaf tonlet 20 65
leaf tunic (M/F) 20 65

Hide Armor

Item Material Skill
hide gorget 12 70
hide gloves 12 70
hide pauldrons 32 85
hide leggings 45 95
leaf tunic (M/F) 45 95


Item Material Skill
sandals 4 40
shoes 6 35
leather boots 8 50
Elven boots 8 50
thigh boots 10 60


Item Material Skill
bag 2 20
pouch 2 25
backpack 4 40
bridle 4 35

Dye Tubs

No they are not black dye tubs. You can dye clothes, but there will be a skillcheck even if you use the same color thats on the dye tub. To change the color in the die tub you simply need a tailoring skill over 70. The dye tubs will dye cloth (bolts or folded), boots, thighboots, sandals, shoes, runes, bags, backpacks, and clothes. If you don't have 70+ tailoring then you will get the message "You can't make a decent color" and a very limited choice of colors. If you have 70+ tailoring, and pass a skillcheck, then you get the whole wide range of colors. Also the dye tubs can be used by GMs/Seers on anything or anyone.

Fortified Hats

Take any hat or "head covering" you have made and a helm of your choice. Use the Sewing Kit on hat/head covering then target the helm you will use to fortify with. Pass the skill check and you fortify the hat.

This can also be done with masks. Use a sewing kit on the mask, target the helm and pass a skill check.

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