Armor Ratings

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How AR Works

Each piece of armor gives a speficic AR rating. Your status bar reflects your overall AR. In combat, the specific AR is used. The overall AR is for display purposes only. Your overall AR rating is a percentage of the specific AR of each piece equipped, equal to the percentage of your body that the piece covers.

For example: Gorgets cover a small percentage of your body. Tunics cover a large percentage of your body. This means that equiping an AR 30 gorget only increases your overall AR by a little bit, whereas equipping an AR 30 tunic increases your overall AR by a lot. That's because tunics cover a lot of your body, and gorgets only cover a little bit. That, however, is for displaying the overall AR only. The AR of both pieces is still 30.

The table below shows two things: The chance of getting hit in a given location and the percent of your total AR generated for that location.

Body    44%   
Arms 14%
Head 14%
Legs 14%
Neck 7%
   Hands    7%

When you equip a plate helm (50AR), it would give 50*0.14=7 overall AR, so if that was the only thing you had equipped, it should display as 7 AR overall.

If you get hit in the head and you are wearing a plate helm, the hit will be vs. AR 50, even though plate helms (because they cover a small percentage of your body) only increase your overall AR by 7. Overall AR just gives you a general idea of your overall AR. Your actual AR depends on where you are hit, and the AR of the armor you are wearing at that location.

Regarding 'stacking' AR giving items:

The AR value you recieve will be from which ever piece of armor gives the HIGHEST AR. So if you have on ringmail sleeves that have AR 40 for example (covering only the arms), and a chainmail tunic with an AR 45 (covering both chest and arms), then you will recieve the AR from the TUNIC, since 45 is higher than 40.

Armor Ratings

Armor group/shield/helm    Normal AR       Exceptional AR   
Leather Armor
Leather Yoroi
Leaf Armor
30 36
Studded Armor
Leather Ninja Gear
Gargish Cloth Armor
35 42
Bone Armor 38 45*
Ringmail Armor
Studded Yoroi
Hide Armor
Gargish Leather Armor
40 48
Chainmail Armor
Gargish Stone Armor
45 54
Platemail Armor
Dragon Armor
Plate Yoroi
Woodland Armor
Gargish Platemail Armor
50 60
Wooden Shield
Gargish Small Plate Shield
Gargish Wooden Shield
14 16
Bronze Shield
Metal Shield
Wooden Kite Shield
Gargish Kite Shield
Gargish Medium Plate Shield
22 26
Kite Shield
Heater Shield
Order Shield
Chaos Shield
Gargish Large Plate Shield
Gargish Large Stone Shield
Gargish Order Shield
Gargish Chaos Shield
30 36
Orc Helm
Elven Glasses
30 36
Royal Circlet
Gemmed Circlet
38 45
Raven Helm
40 48
Close Helm
Nose Helm
42 50
Mail Hatsuburi
Vulture Helm
45 54
Winged Helmet (Paladin)
Winged Helm (Elven)
50 60
  • Note: Exceptional AR for Bone Armor only applies to Magical Bone Armor. Non-magical, exceptional bone armor does not exist and can not be made.

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