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In this world, scribes provide the people with recall scrolls and gate scrolls, they copy spellbooks and scribe necromancy scrolls into the Codex Damnorum. Scribes also can make runebooks. You will notice that blank scrolls sell for 20 gold. Do not be alarmed. Scribing on blank scrolls does not take any reagents at all. Do not spend your first 100 gold on reagents. Scribing a scroll turns out to be about the same cost as other shards if you include reagents. Only you dont have to sit there and figure all that out. Is it 18 or 21? Just 20.

Inscription does not rely on the spell book like it does in other worlds. When you want to inscribe a scroll double click your scrolls. You will be given a choice of all 8 circles of spells with no scrolling necessary. A single click on a circle will take you to a listing of the spells for that circle. Another single click on the spell icon will start inscribing the spell on the scrolls. If you are not sure what the icon for the spell is, check your spell book before starting the inscription process. It is also important to note that scrolls are not produced as quickly here as they may be in other worlds.

Scribing Necromancy scrolls:

Once you have collected up several necromancy scrolls, you need a Necromancy spellbook, yes, only one book is sufficient. It is called the Codex Damnorum and can be found on Mages, Adept Mages and Necromancers. You use the inscription skill on the necro scroll and then target the Codex. There is a magery check as well as an inscription check. You will either succeed or fail. If you succeed, the spell is put into the book. If you fail, you will lose the scroll. I recommend GM scribe and GM magery to do this as finding these scrolls are difficult. You cannot "copy" these spells from a book into a new book, you can only find the scrolls and inscribe them into the book.


Please see the intro page for this. You will find this in Read Me / Recall.

Using scrolls

To use a scroll, you have to have 20 points below the magery required to cast them, or more. The formula for casting spells is 2 + ((circle - 1) x 14). 7th circle spells have a difficulty of 86 to cast, so you need a minimum of 66 magery to use a 7th circle scroll. In other words, to gate, you must have magery at least in your secondary slot to gate with a scroll.

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