Magic Items

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Magic Items

All magical items are at least exceptional, plus whatever other enchantment they have. Some will modify stats or skills as well. Stat increasing items are extremely rare where skill enhancing items are more common.

Prefixes1 Weapon Suffix2 Armor Suffix3
Fine (+2 skills)    Of Quality (different from a "quality" item)(+1 damage)    Of Defense (+2 AR)
Durable (+4 skills) of Might(+2 damage) of Guarding (+4 AR)
Rugged (+6 skills) of Maiming(+3 damage) of Protection(+6 AR)
Tempered (+8 skills) of Power(+4 damage) of Fortification(+8 AR)
   Indestructable (+10 skills)    of Destruction(+5 damage)    of Invulnerability(+10 AR)   

1: Skill Bonuses apply only if the item says of [skillname]. There is no skill bonus for a rugged long sword of maiming but a rugged long sword of maiming and swordsmanship will grant a 6% bonus to your swordsmanship skill. Skill bonuses are also stackable to a maximum of +10%. A fine sword of swordsmanship and tempered gauntlets of swordsmanship will give you a total bonus of +10% to swordsmanship. Wearing skill buff items no longer has an effect on purchasing training from NPC vendors. The Prefix also grants durability above exceptional. For example, a fine longsword is more durable than an exceptional longsword.

2: Damage bonuses applied by the weapons suffix are applied after base damage is generated. For example, a two-handed weapon does 6d6+3 damage or 9-39 damage. A two-handed weapon of destruction will do 14-44 (6D6+8) points of damage base. Also, magical weapons are typically exceptional and higher quality. Because of this these weapons will also do 1.2 times more damage. This means any two handed weapon of destruction will do 16-52 ((6D6+8)*1.2) points of damage. It is important to note that this is prior to taking other combat factors into account such as the effects of tactics (if any), and armor (including Parry if successful).

3: AR bonuses apply to that piece of armor only. An indestructable plate gorget may not appear to have a large effect on your over all AR while an indestructable breastplate will appear to have a larger effect. This is due to how AR is handled. Please see Playing Hints | Armor Ratings for more information on this topic.

Other Magical Weapon Abilities

The most prized version of any magical item is a silver weapon. Silver weapons grant you double damage to undead creatures. The damage bonus against undead is not charged, meaning every time you strike an undead creature you will do double damage. Any magic weapon has the chance to be silver.

Some magics will be found that will protect you from damage against elemental attacks. The three elementals are fire, cold and electrical. You will receive no damage from this type of attack and it will use one of the item's charges until it is out.

   Charged effects     Permanent effects
Feeblemind    Lightning (10% chance per hit)   
Clumsy Vampirism
Weakness Dragon Slaying
Harm Orc Slaying
FireBall Lizardman Slaying
Curse Troll Slaying
Lightning Ratman Slaying
Paralyze Ophidian Slaying
Dispell Terathan Slaying
Mana Drain Vampire Slaying

Originally Created By Aardwolf in his wonderful manual.

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