Strength Requirements

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Strength Requirements

General Notes

As you get closer to the next type of armor, certain pieces will become useable. For example, around 75 strength, one can wear a chain coif. Armor deserves a few other clarifications. The full chain suit contains fewer pieces than other armor types, but the pieces that it does have cover additional areas. The chain coif also protects the neck, while the tunic covers the sleeves. In some cases it may appear two different types of armor provide the same protection. This is not so. This is caused by the way WoD displays AR and by the average protection granted by the armor. Dundee has checked many times and has always found the heavier armor is more effective. See Also Armor Ratings for further information on the difference between your AR and the specific AR for each piece of armor.


Piece Leather Armor Bone Armor Studd Leather Ring Mail Chain Mail Plate Mail
Gloves any 42 55 63 73 85
Helm/Coif any 44 53 63 75 90
Gorget any 43 53 63 as Coif 83
Arms/Sleves any 48 58 65 As Tunic 87
Legs any 50 60 70 80 90
Tunic/Breastplate any 50 60 70 80 90

Chain and Plate Armor has a Dex Penalty to it. The penalty varies from one piece to another. A full suit of Chain armor has a -10 Dex penalty and full Plate armor has a -20 penalty.


Shield Type Strength Req:
buckler no minimum
wooden shield no minimum
bronze shield 60
metal shield 60
wooden kite shield 60
metal kite shield 90
heater shield 90
order & chaos 90


Helm Type Strength Req:
orc helm no minimum
leather cap no minimum
bone helm 44
studded cap 53
helmet 60
bascinet 70
close helm 73
nosehelm 73
platehelm 90

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