Magic Wands

From The World of Dreams Manual

Note: Failure in any step of this process hoses everything.

Alchemy Tile Wand Name Spell Gem
Daemonstile.jpg Summon Daemon Summon Daemon Ruby
Lightningtile.jpg Lightning Lightning Sapphire
Hellfiretile.jpg Hellfire flamestrike Diamond
Meteorstile.jpg meteors Meteor Storm Star Sapphire
Healingtile.jpg Healing Greater Heal Amber
Protectiontile.jpg Protection protection Citrine
Venomtile.jpg Venom Poison Amethyst
Magic Reflectiontile.jpg magic reflection Magic Reflect Sapphire
Lifetile.jpg life Ressurection Emerald
Blessingtile.jpg Blessing Bless Tourmaline
Firewalltile.jpg Firewall fire field Emerald

1. Make a wand (see Tinkering). The gem you use does not matter.

2.Make the appropriate alchemy symbol (tinker on clay). The symbol you make represents the spell you will end up with. Symbols appear in the order listed in the table to the right:

3.Alchemist will have to charge the symbol. Use a heating stand on the symbol and you will be asked to target the appropriate gem (see which gem in table on right). You can target a stack and it will only use one gem and not the stack. The harder the spell, the more rare/expensive the gem will be, and the more difficult it will be to succeed. The symbol when charged turns a really cool blue color.

4.Use inscription on the wand, target the charged symbol, then target that same type gem used to charge the symbol. There are two skillchecks in this step, one for magery and one for inscription. Fail and all is lost. Succeed and you can start targetting gems one at a time, with another skillcheck for each gem/charge. You can target the stack and it will only use one. Keep on until you fail. When you fail you are done and the wand is charged with the number of gems you were able to get. Wands can never be recharged. If you get zero charges it is destroyed. If you get one charge, then you just spent a lot of time and money to get a one-shot deal. When making magic wands with inscription, you now get more than 1 charge for each gem used. The amount of charges/gem is somewhat random and depends on the type of wand being made, but is always > 1. Each charge put on a wand makes it more difficult for further charges to be added. The rate a which the difficulty increases is dependant on the type of wand being made

Using a wand will try to unequip your weapon and shield and equip the wand. Wands now have a short time delay between uses (2-5 seconds, depending the spell.) The primary benefit of wands is that they act as though you have 100 magery and 100 invocation, whereas the old style wands used your own skills. Wands that you've previously made will remain as they were.

Wands are dyable with a dye tub. (This doesn't have a real big effect - just the little 'gem' thing on the end changes color. Client thing.)