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Trained By: Bard

Title: Herald (prior to becoming a Virtue Guard. Once you join the guard your title becomes Virtue Guard.)

1) The first and main use is for the hireing of henchemen. Henchemen are warriors that will join your cause, meaning they will fight for you. Your level of skill in leadership will determine level of the henchemen's skill and stats. The skill and stats of a henchemen are also determined by your own skill and stats. For Example.

Joe has skill of 60 in leadership, but has 90 skill in sword and has a strenght of 50. When he asks a henchemen to "join" him. The hencheman will have a str of 50 and 80 skill in swords at the point of joining. As Joe's strenght increases so will the henchemen's to a max of 60. The henchemen's skill in sword can go 20 points over Joe's leadership skill.

Finding a henchemen is not too hard. They appear in every town. Look for NPCs dressed in all leather and when you look at their paperdoll their name will say "Name" the warrior. (If you find a henchemen With a name in parantesis it means that it belongs to the players in the parentesis.) Just walk up the henchemen and say join. At times henchemen will refuse to join you, that is becasue your skill is to low. At 60 most henchemen will join up.

2) The other use for the skill is to taunt. This will allow you to selected monster to attack you. If you use the skill window click on the blue dot next to leadership. A target cursor will appear and than select the monster you want to taunt away from another player or henchemen to attack you. You cannot taunt a monster to attack another monster. If you set up an in game macro use the skill Begging.

3) This is the skill that will allow you to join the VG (Virtue Guards). A skill of 90 in leadership and str of 90 will allow you to join in the ranks. You need to find a Virtue Guard, Chaos or Order, depending which group you want to join and say "join" to them. The Virtue guard will ask you to confirm that you want to join the VG, if you say yes, he will than give you a shield of which ever group the VG he is.

By Blue Alkeline

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