Virtue Guards

From The World of Dreams Manual

With the resurrection of Queen Lissar, two groups of knights have formed. The first, the Order Knights, are the evolved form of the old knight. The second, made up of former members of the old knights as well as those wishing for something less structured, are the Chaos Knights. Both groups can be collectively called Virtue Guards, and they bear many similarities. However, there are some differences in mechanics and philosophy.

Requirements: First, all knights must have 90 strength and 90 Leadership. The Leadership skill must be be selected as one of your Primary Skills. You can not be a Virtue Guard if you have Leadership as a secondary and are using skill buff items to reach 90% skill.

While not explicitly barred from any skill, the use of Poison and Necromancy give Virtue Penalties, so knights would be advised to avoid these.

Second, knights must gain virtue. There are currently two ways to do this: killing monsters and visiting shrines. Each shrine can only give a bonus once. While your virtue is low, almost anything killed will award you a tiny amount. When the lesser mobs stop awarding virtue, you're ready to join. (You'll probably be titled as Honorable at this point).

Once you've met the requirements, you need to find a Virtue Guard. Chaos and Order Knights spawn in all towns, plus there are Order Guards living in Queen Lissar's castle and Chaos Guards living in what was Blackthorne's Castle (renamed the Realm of Chaos). Walk up to a guard bearing the appropriate shield and say "join". They'll make sure you're ready, than give you your shield.

Player Virtue Guards can also bring you into the group. Find one and ask them to recruit you. By double-clicking on their shield, they are given the option to recruit others.

Virtue Points: As previously stated, visiting shrines and killing monsters will award virtue points. Virtue points are then transferred over to Honor points, which will give the guards their titles. The acquisition of Honor points works differently for the two groups. See the appropriate section below.

One thing that applies to all guards: unless you visit all the shrines, you will never be ranked higher than "squire".

It is possible to lose virtue points. Use of poison and Necromancy will reduce your virtue.

-Sir Wode, Knight of Chaos

Chaos Guards

A Chaos Knight does not need anyone to gain Honor. All virtue points gained will automatically transfer to Honor.

In fiction, the Chaos Knights are headed by Donovan, the Voice of Chaos, with some aid from Cain, the first initiate. There's very little structure to the knights, but all of them more or less agree with Donovan. He can't really pull rank on the other knights, but they trust him to speak for them.

The Chaos Knights are defenders of the realm. They do what they think is in the people's interest. Currently, they feel Lissar is the best ruler for the land. If a time comes that she becomes too weak to rule effectively, or she becomes a tyrant, they will remove her.

What this means, Chaos Knights are not for people who want to be evil, kewl, or obnoxious. They are not out there picking fights with Order Knights- they might laugh at the Order Knights' organization, but it should be a friendly rivalry, not an all out war. They respect the queen and want to protect the innocents. They are good guys, just slightly different.

Order Guards

The Order Knights are the new Queen's Knights. They have sworn an oath of service to her. For Queen and Country would be an appropriate battle cry.

Unlike Chaos, Order Knights need to work with others, if they want to go up in rank. As previously stated, Order Knights gain virtue like Chaos knights. However, they cannot personally use the Virtue they gain.

Instead, they bestow it upon fellow Order knights, through one of three methods. All three options are available through the Order Shields.

Respect- This salutes a comrade, transfer half your virtue points into honor points for them.

Honor- This means you bow to a fellow knight, giving all your virtue points to them as honor points.

Censure- This is used when you feel a knight has brought shame to the Order. Using this, you lose a fraction of your virtue points and they will lose a fraction of their honor points. It is only really effective if multiple knights use it against one knight. Of course, if you really want to hurt a knight, simply stop respecting and honoring him.

Note on the shields: The shields are NOT newbie. However, you only need to say "join" to a guard or have a member "recruit" you to get a new one.