Group Hunting Bards

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Group Hunting Bards

Bards in Groups By Blue

Bards could be one of the toughest characters to play when it comes to group tactics. Because their skills kinda contradict with the skill of other characters and their skill sets, primiarly the VG.
Now the only two benefits, both of them Very powerful in solo, but okay in group situations.

Peacemaking: They main use of this skill is to calm the creatures around to, This is done to ensure that the bard some safety in combat by making the monster be confused for a few seconds so the bard can escape or re-direct his assailaints to the right people. Very few times the peacemake will actually help the group, by giving them a bit of a breather. Allowing people to have a few extra seconds to heal or to retreat.
Provocation: The main use of this skill is to make two monsters to fight each other than the Bard. This is very useful when both monster are of equal strength for they will fight with each other to the point of death.

Peacemaking: The use of this skill in a group setting disturbs the flow of combat. Most of the time making things worse. Making the mobs lock onto other character that are not for melee combat, like mages. Most people find this annoying because they have to Re-target the mob they were fighting.
Provocation: I don't see any real disadvantage to this skill. There are some annoyances to the bards. Like when a bard makes two mobs start to fight each other just as the VG guard taunts disrupting their combat and going after the VG. The bard will not be able to reprovoc that mob for 45 seconds to make him fight another mob. Having multiple bard can be annoying, becasue you do not know what mobs have been provocted by the other bard.

As for some tactics:
Try avoiding using peacemaking in group situations as much as possible, Use it when the group decides to pull back. That way while they pull back the drag along fewer mobs.
Provoc mages and archer to fight each other. If there is only one mage, send any mob (the tougher the better) that is "free" from combat preferably, that way the mob is getting killed by the mages attacks and the magical attacks are not focused on a player.
For archer, send any creature to fight them, this stops them from shooting, but specially if they throw purple potions, they stop throwing them at the group and focus on the attacker.
Working with VG is very hard to coordiante combat. Becasue taunt will disrupt any of the mob you provoc against each other to refocus their attack on the VG. As the bard try to keep track of what mobs you have provc and onto who. (Very hard to do with multiple bards).
Even after a VG taunts try to taunt some of his attackers onto each other, This will helping him reduce the damage he is taking and also help set up the other creatures.

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