From The World of Dreams Manual


Trained By: Bard

Title: Bard

This skill and the Druid Tranquility Spell are very much alike. For the bard it requires you to have an instrument in your bag.

There is an 80% chance that you can successfully pacify a creature if you pass both a Musicianship and Peacemake skill check. The peacemaking skill check uses the provocation difficulty for a given creature. Failure means they will keep beating on you.

Peacemaking is not an all or nothing skill. When you use the skill you have a range equal to your Peacemaking/10. Therefore at 100 skill you can affect all creatures within 10 tiles. However you must pass a skill check for each creature in your range. If you pass the skill check the creature will be "dazzled" and will stumble around all confused for a short while.

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