Animal Taming

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Animal Taming

Trained By: Beekeeper, Butcher, Cobbler, Decorator, Farmer, Fisherman, Leatherworker, Ranger, Shipwright

Title: Ranger


To tame a creature walk up to it, use your Animal Taming skill and target the creature. Not all creatures of the realm can be tamed. Of those that can be tamed, some are easier than others.

Another thing that you will need to do is keep the creature fed. If you don't keep the creature fed it will go wild on you. This may not be a big deal for a horse or cow, but if your dragon goes wild you don't want to be standing in it's way.

It is accepted practice to stable your pets when you aren't around. When you stable your pet you are assured your pet will get the utmost care in the world. Everything from one of Ajax Mayflower's bunnies or one of Tasaria's dragons is kept fed, clean and happy. Stabling pets, expecially the dangerous ones means you do not have to begin the task of re-taming them later. The cost of stabling a pet will vary based on the pet. Tasaria's dragon will cost more to stable than Mayflower's bunnies.

If you log out with out stabling your pet or loose connection your pet will go into hiding and wait for your return. If you do not return for 30 days your pet will be deleted.

Tamed and summond creatures are like henchmen, you can only have so many. Because some creatures are more powerful than others, various creatures have different values. Ajax may be able to run around with 9 cute bunnies hopping at his heals but Tasaria can only have 1 of her dragons running around with her at any point in time. The number of pets you can have is based on your taming skill (data not available). The "pet value" is based on difficulty of taming the pet (data not available). Summoned creatures will not count against your taming points. Your magery skill will determine the number of summoned creatures you can have.

Using Animal Lore

Animal Lore does have benefits outside of being a druid. The animal lore skill gives you a greater understanding of the creature you are trying to tame. While it does not improve your chances you can tame the creature, it will decrease your chances of angering the creature. The last thing you want to do is anger a dragon you are trying to tame. Long is the list of tamers who have become a piece of toast because they angered a dragon while trying to tame it.

Taming and Bards

Trying to tame an angered creature takes time to calm the creature and get it to listen. If you are a bard and can pacify the creature with music you can get it to listen to you faster. This can also be effective if your animal lore doesn't prevent you from angering the creature.

Provocation can also be used against the bigger creatures. For example, provoke a dragon defender on a dragon, then tame away. If you anger the dragon, run, heal and try again.


Kill/Attack Tells the pet to kill the target you select
Stop Your pet will stop all other commands. If in combat you may have to repeat this command many times
Come Your pet will walk up to you as long as they are in "earshot"
Follow Your pet will follow you where ever you go. This can also be used to have your pets follow someone else.
Transfer Changes ownership of the pet. The new owner must have have skill sufficient to tame the creature. You can only transfer ownership of a pet to another PC. NPC's and inanimate objects are not valid targets for transfer. You can not transfer ownership of a totem animal while it is in animal form. You have to release it to totem form and hand it to them.
Release Allows the creature to go wild. This command must stand alone. It can not be part of a sentence. If you release a high level tamable like a dragon you will get a yes/no prompt to be sure you want to do that.
Guard Your pet will defend you if you are attacked. You can also tell your pet to defend another player if they are attacked
Fetch/Get Tells your pet to go get an item and come back.
Drop Tells your pet to drop any items they are carrying
Speak Your pet will say something (if capable) or make noise (if they don't speak)
Stay Useful only after the stop command is issued, prevents your pet from wandering around
Battle Orders (Dire breathers only) Tells your dragon/drake if they should be considerate to other players and not use their breath weapon or nuke them all

Tamable Creature List

Animal Difficulty Food eaten
Dog 3 meat
Rabbit 5 veggie
Bird 10 veggie
Bullfrog 10 veggie
Cat 20 meat
Chicken 20 veggie
Feral Cat 20 meat
Snake 20 meat
Rat 20 any
Goat 30 veggie
Pig 30 veggie
Sheep 30 veggie
Cow 30 veggie
Eagle 35 veggie
Deer 40 veggie
Horse 45 veggie
Giant Rat 45 meat
Mongbat 45 meat
Llama 50 veggie
Gorilla 50 veggie
Walrus 50 meat
Brown Bear 55 meat
Black Bear 55 meat
Rabid Dog 55 meat
Alligator 60 meat
Desert Ostard 65 veggie
Wolf 65 meat
Giant Scorpion 65 meat
Panter 65 meat
Animal Difficulty Food eaten
Great Hart 70 veggie
Grizzly Bear 70 meat
Polar Bear 70 meat
Hildisvini 70 meat
Giant Serpent 70 meat
Giant Spider 70 meat
Forest Ostard 75 meat
Snowleopard 75 meat
Gremlin 75 meat
Bull 80 veggie
Giant Flaming Spider 80 meat
Frenzied Ostard 85 meat
Giant Rock Scorpion 85 meat
Rock Lizard 85 meat
Giant Rock Spider 85 meat
Dire Wolf 85 meat
Frost Wolf 90 meat
Fire Lizard 90 meat
Drake 90 meat
Lesser Wyrm 90 meat
Imp 90 meat
Giant Frost Spider 90 meat
Praetorian War Ostard 90 meat
Hellhound 95 meat
Phase Spider 95 meat
Frost Drake 99 meat
Dragon 99 meat
Nightmare 119 meat
Great Dragon 119 meat

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