Combat Dot Commands

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Combat Dot Commands

These commands are executed by typing .command while playing in WoD.

Command Function Command Function
.arm Arms weapon/shield .disarm Disarms weapon/shield
.arm 1 Arms weapon/shield 1 .disarm 1 Sets and disarms weapon/shield 1
.arm 2 Arms weapon/shield 2 .disarm 2 Sets and disarms weapon/shield 2
.arm 3 Arms weapon/shield 3 .disarm 3 Sets and disarms weapon/shield 3
.disarm bag pick a bag to disarm into

Note on .arm/.disarm dot commands:

You may have 3 sets of weapon/shield combo's set to dot arm macros. To set, arm yourself with the weapon/shield you want to set, then type .disarm (1,2,3). It will then place the items in your backpack, and can be instantaneously armed by typing .arm (1,2,3).

Example of a good in-game macro use of this command:
Say:  .disarm
Say:  .arm 1

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