Dot Commands

From The World of Dreams Manual

This is a list of playerlevel dot commands and their descriptions. For staff level commands see Staff Commands


Shows who's online
Toggles you [private] in .online
Opens all doors within 2 tiles
Puts you back on ground level if you're stuck
Opens your spec book
Shows time left practicing a skill
Will remove your clothes and jewelry
.undress jewelry
Only remove rings and such.
Tells you about your guild (current quest and such.)
Use the last skill you picked out of the skill window without having to reopen the skill window again.
Autoheal, autocure, and other options
Checks the status of your help page.
Shows you various information about you and your account.
Allows you to play a game of Blackjack or Poker.
Two emotes will appear: 1 above the targeted location/item stating "*your name points here*" and the second over the target stating "*your name points at target*". Replace your name with your characters name and target with the item/location targeted.


Shows list of current online players to send a message to
Sends a message to the last person that .msg'd you. You can also type in ".reply (message here)" and reply the person you are replying to will get it.
.group join
Target a player to join groups with them. Players in the same group will hear everything the other one says, no matter where they are (if its turned on.)
.group quit
Quit the group.
.group on
Turn on groupspeak so other players can hear what you say.
.group off
Turn off your send status. You'll still hear whatever the rest of your group says, you just won't broadcast
.group members
List all the other players in your group.
.group msg
Opens a message box to send a single line of message to other players. You have to use this if you're dead, as regular speech won't work.


Places/removes your mark on an item marked items can be returned to you via Lost and found, and go into the main pack rather than loot bag if .grab is used
.own bag
Automatically places your owner's mark on any item that can be owned in the targeted bag. If the bag already has an owner's mark it will be removed from the bag and all items in the bag.

Pack Management

Counts items in chosen bag.
Counts first stack of regs it finds. You should probably sort all your regs to get an accurate count.
Dumps items from one bag to another. If you use it on a Trash Barrel, all of its contents will be dropped to your main backpack.
Will move all items of the same name/color/type into a bag of your choosing.
Loots items from corpse/ground. When you .grab items that have been .own'ed, they will be moved to the main level your backpack instead of your normal lootbag. This command will only loot hides and meats if you toggle .grab autocarve
.grab bag
Makes the targeted bag the default loot bag. Any .grab'ed items will go in that bag.
.grab 1
Loots only items .own'd by you
.grab 2
Overides having owned items placed immediately in your backback, only loots items that are owned and they will be placed in your loot bag
.grab autostack
Automaticlly stacks items looted with like items anywhere in your pack
.grab autocarve
Enables or disables the automatic *yoink* of animal hides or meat.
Tells you what you have in your bags, and will move items to the toplevel of your backpack.
.sort regs
Moves all magic regs into a targeted bag
.sort gems
Moves all gems into a targeted bag
.sort bank
You must be standing near a banker to use this. It will then ask you to target a bag (in your backpack.) It will then go through all the items in that bag and, if its stackable and you have other items of that type in your bankbox, will stack those items with the ones in your bankbox.
.sort ammo
Sorts all arrows and bolts into the selected bag
.sort potions
Sorts all stackable potions into the selected bag. Non stackable potions are not affected
.dump sort
Moves items from one container to another, but any stackable items that are being dumped that you have elsewhere in your elsewhere in your backpack will be autostacked with the other items.
.dump recurse
Dumps the contents of containers in the selected bag into a new bag. A good example of this is you buy 3 bags of 200 regs each from a mage shop. if all 3 of these bags are in 1 bag you can dump the contents of all 3 bags into your reg bag.
.dump recurse sort
You can also say .dump sort recurse. A combination of sort and dump recurse.


Arms weapon/shield .disarm Disarms weapon/shield
.arm 1
Arms weapon/shield 1
.disarm 1
Sets and disarms weapon/shield 1
.arm 2
Arms weapon/shield 2
.disarm 2
Sets and disarms weapon/shield 2
.arm 3
Arms weapon/shield 3
.disarm 3
Sets and disarms weapon/shield 3
.disarm bag
Pick a bag to disarm into

Note on .arm/.disarm dot commands You may have 3 sets of weapon/shield combo's set to dot arm macros. To set, arm yourself with the weapon/shield you want to set, then type .disarm (1,2,3). It will then place the items in your backpack, and can be instantaneously armed by typing .arm (1,2,3).

Example of a good in-game macro use of this command: Say: .disarm Say: .arm 1


Attempts to drink a heal potion if you are carrying any
Attempts to drink a cure potion if you are carrying any
.heal 2
Attempts to cast greater heal on yourself if you have the spell
.cure 2
Attempts to cast cure on yourself if you have the spell
.heal 3
Attempts to bandage yourself if you have any
.cure 3
Attempts to bandage yourself if you have any

Depreciated or Experimental

Note: Most of these commands are experimental. They may or may not come into use. You should not use these unless specifically told to do so.

Sets the debugcombat flag on your character.
Use this dot command to guess the number of Shadowpack hides turned in during the quest (the closest number without going over wins).
.lbr (on/off)
Toggles support for LBR.
Toggles your character to staff permissions, or revokes them from your character.
This dot command has been discontinued. Please use .status instead.
Tests pushthrough hooking.