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Player Vendors

You can buy vendor deeds from an architect for 1000 gold. There is a limit to how many merchants you can possess at a time of 5. Any of your characters can now put items up for sale on any of your merchants, buy items from them without a commission, tell them to strip, undress, undress, follow you - pretty much everything with the exception of firing them. When you double click the deed, you will get a target asking where you want him to stand. If you change your mind or want to move him later he can follow you to wherever you want him to stand. You just drop whatever it is you want to sell on him, and you'll be prompted to type in a price for EACH item. So, for 100 bandaids, you wont put 300, but put in 3 instead. (I made that mistake and had to have him strip and start all over) If you were out hunting and came across someone's .owned stuff, you can drop the items (or put it all in an .owned bag) and drop the items (or bag) on that person's vendor. The vendor will give the owner the bag next time they come around to collect.

You can not name your vendor something that contains one of the Vendor commands. They will refuse to be called that if you do it. You can also only place vendors at your house, or a house whose owner has 'friended' you.

If a player vendor dies somehow, all the items that they had up for sale, the items that they had equipped (if the item wasn't originally owned by the NPC, AKA spawned with them), the items that they had purchased, and the gold that they were carrying will all be transfered to the owner's bankbox.

If you attempt to put a .own'ed item up for sale on your merchant, they'll inform you that its been .own'ed and ask you if you want to try to sell it anyway.

The character who placed the merchant is considered to be the owner of the merchant. Their name will appear above the merchant. If that character is deleted, the merchant will commit suicide. Only the character that placed the merchant will be able to release the merchant. The character that placed the merchant must check in with them at least every 30 days. If that character does not check in with them, the merchant will commit suicide, even if your other characters have interacted with the merchant during that time. It should now be possible to have the vendor list on the website be updated more often.

Here is a list of commands you can give your vendor:

Help Lists the commands available.
Hire He'll tell you his price is 1k to work for you.
Status Tells you how much gold hes holding and what their commission is.
Strip He will give you everything he's got, including his clothes!
Undress He will strip down to his skivies and give you his clothes only.
Collect He will give you all the gold, plus anything hes bought from other players, keeping his commission (and he'll keep his clothes on)
(vendor name) Follow He'll chase you around (runs slow) until you tell him to stop. You do need to use the Vendor's name to prompt them to follow you.
Stop Ok, I'll just stand right here.
Wear Gives you a target and you target what you want him to wear.
Purchase Tell the vendor what they can buy from other players. Make sure they have gold on them so they can do this. You will target an item and then put in how much the vendor should pay out for it. If you decide to change a price or not sell something anymore, use the command again (to stop buying those) and again (to put new price on it)
Contact You can put your email or icq number here for others to get a hold of you.
Sell Not sure, I always drop the goods on the vendor and then I can type in a price. Also, you can drop a bag of stuff on the vendor and he'll ask how you want to describe it, and then ask for a price for the whole bag (and its contents).
Release Fires him or her.
Log The vendor will provide information about the last 20 transactions. The information provided will show you who spent how much gold or who took how much gold in sales to you

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