From The World of Dreams Manual

Seek the Asylum that is TRINSIC

By Penn-Hedley III

What were these chaps THINKING? The two most striking features of Trinsic are the security provided by its defense-works and the lack of rationale of the distribution of local services. The best things about Trinsic are the public houses. For local color, you just can't beat the historic Keg and Anchor Inn. For quiet elegance, however, a second "watering hole" is nestled in the Northwest section of the city. The bad news is: it is an exclusive private club. The good news is: you're a member.
On the food front, the good news is two bakers, each with a full public kitchen plus 7 (that's right, 7!) fireplaces around town. The bad news is your diet will not be balanced, since there is also a butcher, and a fisherman, but no farmer or beekeeper.
With its military tradition, you would expect to find excellent martial arts facilities, but in fact the two armourers and the weaponsmith all share but one forge location for the entire city. The bowyer, leatherworker, and ranger help carry the load.
There is but one tailor and set of textile machines. There is only one provisioner, but two cobblers. There is jeweler but no carpenter or tinker. There is a decorator, but he is stark-raving-mad and stays locked inside his house, allowing no one to enter. There are 3 bankers, but no architect.
Magic users must get by with just 3 total merchants, one of each magic specialty.
There is no bard, either. The stablemaster is located dreadfully inconveniently, near the docks.
Nowhere else I have visited have so many merchants (28- not counting the decorator) provided such poor service. I am sure that the town fathers must have had some kind of plan they were following. So tell me, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

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