Treasure Hunting

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Treasure Hunting

Any map you get from mining or fishing will be a level one map. You can tell what level by the name of the map. See the table below for levels and map names. Know that for level one maps you can get from 0 to 5 or 6 monsters, all relatively easy. Yes, one time there were NO monsters heh. Also, when you click the map, it will tell you what type of monster it came from. If it doesn't say, then the map did not come from a corpse. Either it was mined or fished up, or it came off of an air elemental or djinni (they have no corpse when they die). I do not know what monsters have what level maps. To decode a map, you need cartography.

Title Level Cartography needed Possible Spawn
Tattered Map 1 20 3 - 7 Orcs, Orc Warriors, and Orc Archers
3 - 7 Ratmen, Ratmen Warriors, and Ratmen Marksmen
3 - 7 Headless Ones, Skeletons, Bone Knights, Zombies, Shades, and Ghosts
Frazzled Map 2 40 3 - 5 Orc Mages, Orc Lords, Orc Warriors, and Orc Marksmen
3 - 5 Trolls, Troll Archers, and Troll Marksmen
3 - 5 Gazers, Gargoyles, Frost Gargoyles, Flame Gargoyles, and Stone Gargoyles
Frayed Map 3 60 5 - 8 Liches, Bone Knights, Bone Magicians, and Skeleton Archers
3 - 7 Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Elementals
5 - 7 Servants of Cain, Evil Mages, Necromancers, and Daemons
Worn Map 4 80 4 - 6 Drakes, Spectral Drakes, and Dragons
4 - 6 Vampires, Lich Lords, Bone Warlocks, and Darkspawns
4 - 6 Cyclops, Titans, Ogres, Ogre Lords, and Ettins
Ragged Map 5 90 3 - 5 Dragons, Greater Dragons, and Royal Dragons
4 - 6 Vampire Knights, Vampire Lts, Vampire Magi, and Ancient Vampires
4 - 6 Daemons, Daemon Lts, Daemonspawns, and Black Wisps

When you decode the map, the map unrolls. If you use a shovel or pick axe on the map you will be told the direction to go to find the treasure. The treasure is aleays located in the center of the map. If you reach the spot the treasure is at, you will start to dig if you use the shovel or pick axe on the map. If you have mining, you do not have to find the exact spot on the treasure map. The higher your mining skill, the further away you can find the treasure from. (note: You do have to be on the same screen as the location of the treasure) When you find the chest, opening the chest will spawn the monsters. All of them at once. You can also use the .grab command and it will loot the chest for you while you are battling the monsters.

Treasure maps will now decay after approximately 7 days. Two days before the map decays, its name will be changed to "an old (something) map".

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