From The World of Dreams Manual


Trained By: Bowyer, Ranger

Title: Scout

It's a two-part menu. The first menu is a list of all the different TYPES of creatures around you. You pick what type of critter you want to track. The second menu lets you pick a specific critter to track. So if you're surrounded by 900 birds, 80 rats and 2 orcs - the first menu would list a bird, a rat and an orc. If you pick "orc", then the second menu will list the two orcs. You pick one and track it.

Your skill level determines two things. First, your chance of finding something to track is based on your skill. At 60% you have a 60% chance of success. Your skill also determines the range at which you can find creatures. At 60% skill you can track creatures that are 30 tiles away. At 80% skill you can track creatures that are 36 tiles away and at 100% skill you can track creatures that are 43 tiles away.

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