Tactics for the Solo Archer

From The World of Dreams Manual

Tactics for the Solo Archer

Archery by Androi Andune

Word of warning, should you feel sick (lag) try to avoid going into areas alone, that might present things that can kill you. You will need to be at least 3 paces from your target in order to fire. In the case of birds, animals or even monsters you wish to attack that are your equal, you will want to hit them with as much distance as you can manage (either get their health bar up and back up, or target their names on incoming names), before you begin firing. With great agility this may allow you to get up to three volleys off before being attacked (5 seconds to set before firing and 3 seconds between shots while set at 82 dexterity). This has two solo strategies attached to it.

The first method, if you can use a natural barrier, such as cliffs, this may aide you in fighting something which is your equal or stronger. You can even attack creatures out of your sight (incoming names) and draw them to the cliff. Creatures beyond your sight need to be at a different level and have no objects such as trees in your path, even those pesky brambles will kill your line of sight. Should a creature turn and run, don't fret. Just stay put until you stop firing; you will have taken it down then.

The second method to use while alone is the run and shoot. Fire at your opponent, when it charges retreat far enough away to get set and fire (its health bar will mostly likely need to vanish), set your self and watch the volley, repeat until creature on run, then stay set.

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