Tactics for the Group Archer

From The World of Dreams Manual

Tactics for the Group Archer

Archery by Androi Andune

My experience hunting with two people have been different. Unless the warrior is seen as a greater threat then you, the beast will turn on you and the warrior will be frustrated has he has to chase while you run, or you will risk getting hurt as the warrior hits it while its attacking you. A mage could stay put and target it. Another archer can plant themselves and target it while you run and shoot in circles around him.

Two archers can become like two warriors with another method. Get a beast attacking each archer and then attack the beast attacking the other archer. Of course the archers will need some distance.

In larger mixed groups, the archer should stand behind the warriors and in front of any mages in the party. This will allow you to support the fighters with arrow/bolt fire and act as a defensive line incase a mage gets attacked by a mob. When supporting the fighters, select the most dangerious targes first. Use your arrows and bolts to weaken the beast to the fighters have an easier time scoring the kill.

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