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Trained By: Baker, Barkeep, Butcher, Cobbler, Tailor

Title: Scout

The Art of Stealthing

Stealthing is a test of patience, when stealthing, you cannot hurry, or you will fail. The secret is in knowing how far you can safely sneak around before you need to take a new look at your surroundings and figure out the best way to remain hidden. Wherever you go, you must walk, if you run, you will immediately be set upon by any and all creatures in your immediate neighborhood. With good patience, and a bit of skill, with some more patience thrown in for good measure, you can walk thru entire dungeons without any monster ever seeing you, I know, I've done it many times.

The Eternal Skulker,


Set up a macro for "use skill : stealth", hide, hit the macro, it will say "you are now moving stealthily", WALK where you want to go, you have a set number of steps you can take depending on skill level:

(Stealth skill / 10 ) + 1
If stealth is over 80 add 10 steps
If stealth is over 60 add 5 steps
Turning counts as a step, before you have moved the number of steps allowed, hit your stealth macro again, it will say "you are now moving stealthily", this resets your step counter, so that you can now move additional steps, up until your max number of steps to stealth, this is NOT cumulative. This is how you move a long way invisibly.
If you fail a Stealth check while moving stealthily, it will say "you have revealed yourself" and you will pop out of hiding.

Hiding : 70 skill
Not Mounted
Not in War Mode
Hidden before you attempt to use the skill

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