From The World of Dreams Manual

Software needed and installation instructions for The World of Dreams.

  1. Install Ultima Online. UO gold is preferred but The Second Age through UO: Samurai Empire will work. If you're using UO: Third Dawn or later, you must install the 2D client - the 3D client will not work. The UO Gold client found here seems to work well if you've misplaced your discs.
  2. Do NOT patch up with OSI. Recent patching has been known to cause the wodclient to crash, so just leave with the default install.
  3. Download the WoD files here. If using the zipfile, extract to the location you installed UO. If you are using the installer, make sure you install to the UO directory.
  4. Copy the wodli.cfg file to your Ultima Online folder. You will receive this file via PM or email if your application is accepted. This is the file that contains the IP address of the WoD server, and so for security reasons it must be kept private.
  5. Run wodclient.exe
  6. Use your WoD accountname and password to log on.
  7. Have fun!