Serpent's Hold

From The World of Dreams Manual

It Can Get a Bit Lonely in SERPENT'S HOLD

By Penn-Hedley III

It's been seven years since the mysterious tidal wave devastated Serpent's Hold, virtually destroying the Northern Half on Head Island. Perhaps out of stubborn pride the survivors cleaned up, rebuilt, and even refurnished all of the buildings and public works. However, they stand almost entirely empty. The third unexplained disaster hitting the area in the last century has had a chilling effect on the willingness of people to settle in the island paradise. Even the animal life seems hesitant to return to former levels.
The only full-time occupants of Head Island are the apothecary and the town crier. During our visit, we were unable to find any sign of a healer in the area. There is a flour mill in the old fortified shop area in the North, but there is no water supply or oven/fireplace nearby.
On Tail Island to the South, all of the commercial property remains occupied and operating, in spite of the limited clientele. There is a banker, butcher, tinker, tailor, and ranger. The tailor shop is fully equipped with public loom and spinning wheel.
Obviously, the list of what Serpent's Hold does without is a lengthy one. The most important missing items (besides healers) are forges and ovens. There are no magic vendors of any kind, meaning there is no source of reagents or scrolls. Although the city cannot be reached by moongate, there is no place to buy a boat on the island. There is no provisioner.
Perhaps an enterprising community of home craftspeople could establish themselves here, especially if they could lure a healer and a magic vendor or two back to the area. Otherwise the City which seems to be awaiting the next big killing disaster is already dead.

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