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Trained By: Barkeep, Provisioner

Title: Assassin

You can poison weapons. The only weapons that can not be poisoned are arrows and bolts. All other weapons, blades or bludgeon can be poisoned. When you poison a weapon, you will lose virtue. When you hit a creature with a poisoned weapon you will lose virtue. If you are interested in gaining positive virtue, you do not want to use this skill. If you do not care about your "title" or want a negative virtue title, poison away.

To poison a weapon you need to use your poison skill. You will be asked to select a poison potion to use, then asked which weapon to apply it to. You will get a message letting you know if you succeed or fail to poison the weapon.

Your skill in poisoning determines what kind of poison you can use:

skill level Poison type
60 regular poison
80 Greater Poison
100 Deadly Poison

If you use the poison skill on a non-poison potion item(your weapon for example), you will now be given a message indicating if that item is poisonous or not. If the item is poisonous, the message will also indicate the general strength of the poison (Armslore also tells you if an item is poisonous or not, but doesn't tell you the strength.)

Each time you hit something with a poisoned weapon, there's a chance that the amount of poison on the weapon will be decreased. You may start out with a weapon with deadly poison on it, but after a number of hits, it winds up being greater, then normal, and so on until it wears off entirely.

Your stat regeneration rates are affected by poison. HP, Stamina and Mana will not regenerate at their normal levels (as ajdusted by hunger) while you are poisoned.

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