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NUJEL'M Remembers Days of Past Glory

By Penn-Hedley III

Trinsic and Magincia are cities with unique cultural facades and an individualized atmospheres, but neither is close to the romance of Nujel'm. These guides of WoD communities are essentially practical in nature, but at times one must stop and sniff the Earl Grey. Nujel'm reminds me of the Old Empire, back before 'hrmph- Milton put it culturally on the path to ruin with his silly humanitarian notions.
But alas, the glory of Nujel'm is mostly memories, as well. The Pasha's palace is a well-maintained museum with no harem, servants, or even Pasha. Most of the city and the tidy little dwellings are empty or filled with wandering livestock.
Even the undead appear to have deserted the city, as animals and vagabonds wander fearlessly among the tombs. Nearby, a small marketplace functions where once bustled a noisy bazaar. There you can find the city's only remaining vendors of weapons and armor: a weaponsmith, bowyer, and leatherworker. The last of the magic merchants are here, as well, a mage and an alchemist (the scribes have all moved to Britain and write romance novels). There is also a butcher. The weaponsmith presides over the only public forge on the island.
On the Eastern side of the island, a "jeweler" deals mostly in plundered archeological treasure stolen from deserted mansions or plundered from graves and vaults. The one legal business still functioning is textiles, the prosperous tailor thriving on the unique traditions of tapestry and brocade. His two big looms and spinning wheel are available for public use. The banker survives mainly on the basis of his policy of "discretion" and secrecy for offshore deposits.
Two bards remain in the city, retaining the stories and songs of the days of legend and heroes, but finding few locals willing to listen any more. They drown their depression with the two barkeeps and innkeeper in the "saloon district" that keeps Nujel'm a popular port of call for ships trading on the Eastern Sea. Two of these "oases" have two ovens each, but there is no public flour mill on the island.
There are wandering healers, but no healer shop or apothecary in Nujel'm. There are no architects, armourers, bakers, beekeepers, cobblers, decorators, farmers, fishermen (?), provisioners, rangers, or stablemasters. The absence of both carpenters and tinkers is a considerable inconvenience.
Still, there is a sense of anticipation here, as well. Everything remains in excellent repair, as if waiting out a momentary pause in a glorious history not yet completed... waiting for a the right visionary leader or sect... waiting for glory.

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