NPC Houses

From The World of Dreams Manual

Housing: NPC Houses

NPC houses. Yes, you can actually purchase an npc house that when you click the sign, it says "For Sale". As a general rule, the price of an npc house is comparable to the price of a store bought one. When you have around the amount of gold that is required, you can page a GM and tell them you are ready to purchase a house. They will place a house sign and an area for lockdown items. They specify who the owner is, and only the owner can lock or unlock items. Be Careful! If you set something down it is a very very very short time period before it will decay! If you are dying furniture, dye it in your pack until you are happy with the color and then go ahead and place it and lock it down. Be quick about locking stuff down. To refresh an npc house you only need to talk. I believe the house decay for these houses are the same as the others, two weeks.

GMs cannot place farmland at your house, it has to already be there, in-game.

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