From The World of Dreams Manual

MINOC Rocks! (and Not Much Else)

By Penn-Hedley III

Minoc is hard. It is a tough, no-nonsense town with ample resources for solid, no-nonsense miners, lumberjacks, carpenters, smiths, and the like.
Hardware is the chief industry of the town. There are two weaponsmiths and an armourer, each with their own shop, but the transient requirement is such that there are 6 public forges and anvils scattered around the community. There are also 2 provisioners, a tinker and a cobbler.
The carpenter specializes in hardwoods, but if you REALLY want hardness, pick up a diamond at the jewelers. For the hardy outdoorsman, there is a ranger and a leather worker. The two town criers deal only in hard facts.
The only food in town is meat and hard liquor, so even your arteries will harden and you will need to visit the healer and apothecary. If you want to hard-boil an egg, you will have to visit the inn or use the fireplace at the bank, where the banker and architect deal only in hard currency.
You can stable your hard-ridden horse with the stablemaster and squander your hard-earned hard cash on tips for the bard. The town is even hard on the eyes, as Minoc is the acknowledged Bad Sculpture Capitol of the World.
You'll find no magic or tailored softgoods in town. You won't even find a loom or spinning wheel.
I try to emphasize the good features of a town, but with Minoc, well, dash it all, It's mighty HARD.

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