Magic Jewelry

From The World of Dreams Manual

Crafting Stat Raising Magic Jewlery

1. Double click a pile of gold near a forge to get gold ingots. 100 gold per ingot. 2. Use tinkering tools on the gold. You will first be prompted to select the type of jewlery you wish to make. You can make necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The only piece of jewlery you can not wear with armor is the necklace. If you wear a necklace you can not wear a gorget. You will then be asked to target a Gem. Use the table below to select the type of stat boost you wish to have.

Gem: Stat:    Initial Boost:        Max Boost:        Skillcheck:       Obsidian:   
Diamond Strength +3 to +5 +5 90 50
Sapphire Dexterity +3 to +5 +5 90 50
   Star Sapphire    Intelligence +3 to +5 +5 90 50
Emerald Strength +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Ruby Dexterity +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Amethyst    Intelligence    +2 to +4 +4 80 30
Citrine Strength +1 to +3 +3 70 15
Tourmaline Dexterity +1 to +3 +3 70 15
Amber Intelligence +1 to +3 +3 70 15

3. To enchant the item, use the toolkit on it. You'll require obsidian to enchant it (amount to be discussed soon), and there'll be both a tinkering and a magery skillcheck to determine if you succeed. The obsidian must be in the top level of your backpack to work. The type of gem you use determines what stat will be enhanced after the item is enchanted. Diamonds, emeralds, and citrines enhance strength, sapphires, rubies, and tourmalines enhance dexterity, and star sapphires, amethysts, and amber enhance intelligence. The type of gem used also determines the maximum stat boost, the difficulty of enchanting the item, and the amount of obsidian required to enchant it. Citrines, tourmalines, and amber have a maximum stat boost of +3, have a skill check of 70 in both tinkering and magery to create, and require 15 obsidian to enchant or upgrade. Emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts have a maximum skill boost of +4, a skillcheck of 80 in tinkering and magery, and require 30 obsidian. Diamonds, sapphires, and star sapphires have a maximum skill boost of +5, a skillcheck of 90, and require 50 obsidian.
4. Each level of +stat now has a description that appears in the item's name.

  • +1 - polished
  • +2 - glowing
  • +3 - lustrous
  • +4 - radiant
  • +5 - shining

5. As shown in the table, the initial stat boost that an item gives may be less than the maximum that it could have. In that case, you can try to upgrade the item by using tinker tools on the created item. There will be another skillcheck the same as the one to create the item, and the same obsidian cost. If you pass the skillcheck, the item will gain at least +1 to the bonus (Sometimes, but not always, +2 if the item can gain +2 without going over the maximum bonus for that gem type.) Failing the skillcheck will destroy the item.