Lost and Found

From The World of Dreams Manual

Lost and Found In the bank of every city there is a silver chest. This is the Lost and Found chest. If an item of yours has been .own'd, and someone else finds it, they'll drop it in the Lost and Found chest. Please do the same if you happen across an item that has been .own'd by someone else.

(.own'd items will have the owners name attached to the front of it "So-an-so's exceptional kite shield")

You no longer have to click on the Lost and Found box to get what is yours. When someone places an item into the L&F, it will check to make sure that the item has an owner's mark. If it does not, it will be placed back into that player's backpack. If it does have an owner's mark, it will locate the owner and place the item in their bankbox. If it item will not fit into their bankbox, it will be given back to the player that dropped it into the L&F box and tell them what happened. If the owner of the item no longer exists, the item will be destroyed.

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