From The World of Dreams Manual

Lock Picking

Trained By: Architect, Bard, Barkeep, Carpenter, Jeweler, Tinker

Title: Locksmith

The lock picks, which are obviously needed to pick the locks, can be purchased from provisioners or made from ingots by tinkers.

Locked chests can be found in dungeons (varying skill levels), on some monsters and from doing MIB’s. Sometimes if you fail to pick the chest, your pick will break, if you break too many picks, chances are you aren’t going to pick the chest any time soon.


Many locked chests are trapped, with the exception of MIB chests. If you use skill detect hidden skill on the chest, you will get several different messages regarding whether the chests is trapped, or not, and if so what type of trap.

  • Poison

This is probably the least lethal trap. As the name suggest this trap simply poisons. A greater cure or a cure spell should cure this almost every time.

  • Explosion

This is my least favourite trap. Not only does it do a medium to high amount of damage to you and all of those around you, there’s a chance that the explosion will also destroy the chest loot.

  • Spirit

This trap creates a djinni several tiles away from you. The djinni might prove to be a problem for weaker players. It is best that you kill any spirits you release so that they do not bother other players.

Magic Items

Certain chests, such as those found in Wind, are known to produce higher-level magic items. Chests will (normally) never produce magic clothing, only weapons, armour and wands. Although not all magic items from high-level chests will be worth much, they are a great source of points for Benson.

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