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From The World of Dreams Manual

READ THE BOARDS. Up to the minute of what's going on in the World of Dreams. There are forums available for the World of dreams at World of Dreams Message Boards. The message boards are intended for general discussions, technical questions like bug reports, and more.

IMPORTANT: Do *not* post the IP in your login.cfg file to the boards!

One more thing. This website is prone to constant change and updates. Reload pages often. Any information on this website even if it is only a day old, can be wrong and/or outdated. I will do my best to keep it up. If you see something wrong/outdated or incomplete, and feel the urge, please send me a writeup. I only have 5 slots. Thank you.

Anyway, I hope this website will be a good guide to all you new folks out there. And oldbies heh. Happy Hunting!

--Tamla Tamara

From Uthr: I would like to thank Tamla, Bruno and Ignathius for their work on the manual before it was passed to me. The information they gathered and collected helped make this manual. Hopefully anyone familiar with the old manual will recongize some information on the current manual. Much of the information that is in the manual now came from the old pages. Updates may have changed some of the information, but the core of it is still there.

For new players, the manual is the accumulation of many hours of playing and countless updates by the administrative staff. It is sometimes difficult to keep things update as changes happen often. I will do my best to keep information as up to date as possible while adding new pieces of info as they come available.

From Xanola: Thanks to those who came before me, I'll be trying to maintain their standards of accuracy.

I'm going through the Dot Command pages and working to make sure that they match the WoD Scripts, I'll also be wikifying the manual as well. Thank you all for the work you have done, and LONG LIVE WoD! Zoram(T|C)

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