Kiddie Wisps

From The World of Dreams Manual

Kiddie Wisps

Kiddie Wisps are small blue wisps that follow around some of the players in the land. The wisp is given only to the younger players.

To get a wisp the player's parent needs to log in and page a GM asking for one. The GM will talk to the parent and teach them how the wisp works. The parent can then help their children with the wisp as needed.

To my knowledge the blue wisps can not be attacked and will not respond to anyone other than the character they are assigned to. Wisps give no benefits that "older" players could make use of.

Wisps are support tools for our younger players. The wisp can cast "Night Sight" as well as heal and cure the player assigned to them and none other. This allows the younger players to have fun and not get killed as often as they might otherwise.

If you see a player with the blue wisp please remember that this is a youngster playing. Be patient with them as they may not type as fast or as well as we do. Do not get angry of they misspell words or do not use complete sentences. They are kids and not use to this yet.

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