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Fight Fans Love JHELOM

By Penn-Hedley III

For the millions of naïve WoDders who don't seem to know that all of the duels are fake, there is no more magic place name than Jhelom (a word which ironically meant "peace" in the Ancient Tongue). Originally established around the smuggling of diamonds and silk, this city has reinvented itself around the tourist trade associated with the ancient bloodsport of pirates, Professional Dueling.
It is no surprise, then, to learn that the leading industry of Jhelom is the hospitality industry, with three inns staffed by two barkeeps and an innkeeper. The visitors must be fed, and a baker, fisherman, and butcher supply the fixings for the hundreds or burgers and fish sandwiches sold by the vendors at the dueling pit on any given Monday and Saturday. Cart tailgaters will find two public ovens available near the Dueling Pit.
Remnants of the old "trafficking" businesses, ruined by the WoDfta treaty of 911, can still be found at the two jewelers and two fully-equipped one-man tailor shops. Fighters and fans alike must have their weaponry and armor and the 3 armorers and 2 weaponsmiths manage to keep busy. Don't expect much help if you want to work on your own hardware, though, there is only one public forge- you are expected to buy official WWFF (WoD-Wide Fight Federation) merchandise.
Even fight fans have real lives (well, a few of them do), so you can find a banker, provisioner, carpenter, apothecary, healer, ranger, and tinker. Magic is viewed with suspicion here, and the mage, alchemist and scribe are relegated inconveniently to the South Island. Two architects manage to stay in business by scalping tickets on the side.
There are no bards (who needs them when you can watch the WWFF officials perform?), cobblers, beekeepers, bowyers, decorators, farmers, leatherworkers, or stablemasters (no parking concession?) in Jhelom. Two years ago there were two thriving cobblers in the community using famous fighter indorsements to sell their special "Sneaking Shoes," but they got into a dispute over advertising and killed each other in the Dueling Pit.
Altogether, there are 27 vendors serving the fans in Jhelom, and all basic needs are met. I completed this report ahead of Scedule early, but I think I'll stay around until Saturday to see the big bout between Shady Operator and the Done-deal.

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