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Housing: Decorating

Tip: You might want to limit how much stuff you keep at your house. Limit "toplevel" items, such as containers, furniture and decorations. We have noticed that when we have a lot of stuff around (toplevel) that we have trouble logging in at times. Sometimes it helps to have your friend move away from the screen so as to lower the item count on logging in.

Command Effect
I wish to lock this down Locks down/unlocks the selected item
I wish to release this releases the selected item
I wish to secure this Secures/releases the selected container
I wish to unsecure this Releases the selected container
I wish to raise this Raises the selected item
I wish to lower this Lowers the selected item
I wish to display this Set/release the selected container to a display case
I wish to remove this from display Release the selected container from display case status

You can also purchase a decorating kit from NPC Decorators. They look like a paintboat and brush, but can be used to raise and lower items, move them around, and rotate some items (including a number of containers, such as chests, that otherwise could not be rotated.) You can only use a decorator tool inside of a house that you own or are friended to. While you are moving an item around with the tool, it will not decay.

Display cases take one lock down regardless of the number of items that are showcased. Each display container can have a maximum of 20 items. Items in the display case can not be moved or removed nor is it possible to add items to a display case with out relasing the container from display status first. Items that are usable when locked down (such as a book) can be used in a display case. Any item that can not be used when locked down (such as food or drink) can not be used when in a diosplay case.

You can now plant crops at your house. Each plant counts as one lock down.

You can buy trashcans from NPC Decorators.

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