From The World of Dreams Manual

Aye it happens. A few words on this. The wandering healers you will find around Britannia will not see you (as a ghost) unless you are in combat mode. If you forget, and go into combat mode while next to them, they still wont see you. Just run off screen and run back to them in combat mode, you should be able to resurrect. Hint: If you run off screen and back to them several times they will heal you too ;) Also, you can get resurrected or cured at shrines.


Also I want to make you aware that there is skill loss upon death. Death cannot be without penalty. There is a 50% chance of 1% loss per skill. This means that if you had Tactics, Swordsmanship and Parry as your primary skills, there is a 50% chance that each skill could drop from 100 to 99. This will happen only once per hour, so multiple deaths in the same situation will not take away more than 1%. Your skills will come back in time slowly, or you can buy them back.

You will soon hear characters around you talking about 'Death Taxes' in WoD. You will see from the above that upon death in WoD you WILL loose skills. In WoD "Death Taxes" are basically the gold that you will need to spend to buy the skills that dropped when you died. To pay them, simply start around to the various NPCs and drop gold on each one & buy your skills to the level that you want them to be. The amount that you pay will depend on the skill loss hit that you took, and it can add up. Note: Every new player gets one death tax free!. So the first time you die, you wont get any skill loss.

In order to pay a death tax for a fully trained skill, it costs 5300 for a primary, 1100 for a secondary, and 200 for a tertiary. The maximum amount a person would need to pay for a death tax that took a toll on ALL their skills would be 30900 (of course there is only a 1:549,755,813,888 chance of that ever happening) Also, most people would raise only necromancy or animal lore since one lowers the other, so the max most anyone would have to pay is 30700. (Thank you to C.R. Crowley and Ohgeer for providing those numbers)