From The World of Dreams Manual


Trained By: Architect, Decorator, Fisherman, Ranger, Shipwright

Title: Cartographer

You can buy blank maps from a provisioner. You have three choices for maps: Detailed, Regional and World maps. The detailed maps look very much like the treasure maps you find. The world map is just that, and although it is much larger than the other two kinds, it is still so small that its not useful on a small scale. It may however help you to navigate the waters on a boat. I like the Regional maps the best, they are detailed enough so you can find your way around on foot and yet big enough to cover a lot of ground. Note that wherever you are standing when you make either a detailed or regional map, that becomes the center of the map. Also, at this time, you cannot plot a course on a map for a tillerman to take you there.

Cartography is also used to decode Treasure Maps

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