Buc's Den

From The World of Dreams Manual

Resource Update for BUCCANEER'S DEN

By Penn-Hedley III

The Community Guides to the other 12 cities were done by me personally, tromping the streets and updating the maps. My original Buc's Den essay, as this one, are -hrmph- different. I have not (yet) been to Buccaneer's Den, and I rely on the written and oral reports of those who have visited the ghastly place. In addition to the healers, there are 7 surviving merchants on the island. Near the healer and the docks are a leatherworker and an innkeeper (pretty much worthless). To the Northwest is a cluster of 3 craftsmen: an armorer, a weaponsmith, and a carpenter. The carpenter is a critical survival resource, as he has the tools any stranded adventurer would require. There is a forge here, as well. Way to the Southeast is a shop with a provisioner and cobbler. The provisioner is the only source of bandages on the island. As reported in my original essay, the natural resources available for exploitation include lumber, kindling, fishing, mining, leather (alligators) meat and feathers. At that time, I reported that the enemies included pirates (beatable and with good loot), bone guys (tough with little loot), Rogue Knights (just plain tough), Giant Serpents (nasty poison), a perhaps a few adept mages deep in the jungle to the South. According to rumors, things have changed a bit. The pirates have set themselves up a little HQ in the old Inn just across the bridge to the South. The have equipped it with a forge, anvil, spinning wheel (what on earth FOR?) and an oven. This could be infiltrated and used. In addition there are reports of two types of magic users now commonly found within the town: adept mages and something new to me: masters of Wind. These represent new dangers, but also new opportunities.

The Resources of Buccaneer's Den and Island I spent some time pondering your challenge, old man, and it drew me to the local libraries and archives to learn what is known of this terribly exotic place you call Buccaneer's Den. I have catalogued the pertinent information from historical notes and travel journals for your consideration.

Surviving Merchants: Provisioner- (very useful- key item- bandages- particularly important as there is no source of cloth on the island. Also sells useful tools.) Weaponsmith- (also useful- weapons, tools and iron ingots)-of critical value- an anvil and forge nearby- though outside. Armourer- tools and low-grade armor (little value) Cobbler- rather useless- sells only shoes and boots Innkeeper- Refreshing but not very practical-sells only beverages Carpenter- tools including shovels and picks- also sells lockpicks and scissors which would be helpful if there were chests or cloth. The only other non-hostiles on the island are healers.

Natural Resources: -There is a small but conveniently-located rocky area near the docks which can be mined-VERY USEFUL -Plentiful kindling -Adequate lumber -Leather sources (alligators) -Meat and feather sources (birds and (not recommended) snakes) -Good shoreline fishing resources

Enemies and Sources of Loot: -Pirates-(highly recommended- easy pickings once armed and armored and with bandages high dollar-value loot -Bone Guys- tough and not terribly valuable- you will have to have better armor and weapons than they to defeat them- won't overpower them without bandages -Rogue Knights- very tough. Better loot (sales value) but money would not help you, except for purchasing bandages. -Giant Serpents and lesser snakes- a huge threat with no potions or magic to overcome poison. Only healing-based cures will help. -Adept Mages- there are many reports of a very few of these people deep in the jungle. They are extremely important, because they would appear to be almost the only source of magic scrolls or reagents on the island. SUMMING UP A resourceful and skilled chap (or a team of chaps) as you might, with extraordinary luck, be able to establish a survival on the island and even re-equip yourself with armor, weapons and basic medical supplies. You would, however, still be on the island. The glaring shortage in resources is magic reagents or scrolls (also no way to buy a boat). I see only two (very unlikely) ways these things (reagents or scrolls) could be acquired. - kill an adept mage- the biggest problem would be avoiding the other nasties long enough to get close - this is REALLY a longshot- you would have to dig up or fish up a treasure map that happens to be buried on the island

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