From The World of Dreams Manual

If It's Worth Gettin', It's in BRITIAN

By Penn-Hedley III

Certainly, there are complaints about the overcrowding, the congestion, the lack of local color and character, but when it comes time to do some intense shopping or training, serious World of Dreamers know that Britian is the city to visit.
No other city offers the wide range of services and professional talents to compare with those found in the Queen's own capitol. As nearly as we can determine, the only principle professions not represented in Britian are tinkers (outlawed after the ugly doorknob-trap epidemic of 562) and beekeepers. The town's overworked carpenter can supply most of your tinkering needs.
The booming real estate market has made the architect the top profession in Britian, with 6 licensed practitioners on the books. Better living through chemistry is alive and well in Britian, where 5 alchemists ply their trade. Altogether, there are 13 magic merchants when the 4 mages and 4 scribes are considered. The city seldom sleeps, the nightlife bolstered by 4 barkeeps and 2 bards. If you want a snack for the road, pick it up at the local butcher, baker, fisherwoman or farmer on your way to the full-service stables in the castle, or cook your own at the baker's oven or at one of the 3 fires in the Hall of Heroes.
Crafters find support in Britian, as well. 2 fully-equipped tailor shops boast 4 tailors, as well as a leather worker. What other supplies the 4 provisioners and 2 cobblers can't provide, the carpenter, jeweler, and decorator most likely can.
While the guard contingent serves and protects within the town, there is danger beyond the limits. That is the reason for the 4 weaponsmiths and 3 armorers in 4 shops in the city. If you want to patch up your own breastplate, seek out one of the 4 forges and anvils scattered conveniently around the city. If you prefer to do your self-defense from a distance, see the local bowyer and ranger.
Health care is not a strong point of our city since it was socialized by Mayor Hillary back in 715, but the apothecary is always on duty and a healer or two wandering the streets practicing their putting. After visiting the healer, you may find it necessary to visit with our single friendly, smiling home-town banker.
THAT MONEY IS DOING YOU NO GOOD IN THAT BANK. Draw it out, and shop/train Britian, where 53 merchants, like a deck of cards with one joker, are ready to deal.

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