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Boats are good for traveling to remote islands that have no public moongate. It is also good to sail to a dangerous place instead of gating. Buccaneer's Den is a good example of this *cough*.

Boat keys. The key can be on a keyring or in your backpack, it does not matter. All you have to do is double click the plank and you can get on and off the boat without ever having to click the key. But, you must actually use the key on the hold in order to lock or unlock that. Keep that locked when not in use as it can be accessed from the shore if it is close enough.

Getting on and off the boat. This has proven a challenge for many people. The problem is that you have to maneuver the boat just right so that the shoreline is level with the boat. If the shoreline is too high, you will not be able to get off the boat.

Keep a good store of supplies in your hold. Reagents, food, potions, bandaids, extra armor, extra weapons, sewing kit to make bags, and a forge for cooking on. When you go out on your boat with a friend or couple friends, it could be a couple days before you sail home. You cannot recall back onto the boat, nor can you teleport.

If you die on the boat your tiller man can resurect you. This might not always be the best choice as MOBs can stay on the boat and kill you again and again and again :).

Go ahead and dress up the deck with a small table and a couple stools if you like, or whatever you want. It will not decay on you. Just do not do a .grab while you are on the deck. Oops!

Know that the open ocean does spawn water elementals, sea serpents, and any sea creatures for that matter. You may be able to out run or out maneuver some mobs.

Navigating. This can be tricky. You cannot use a map and plot courses like on OSI shards. The tillerman cannot read maps (he must've missed that class). He will say "Eh? What's this?". You can use a sextant and your radar and a general overall map that you have. You can also download UOAutomap.

The world is flat! Do not expect to sail up from Yew to get to the Trinsic swamps. You can sail right into the corner of the world and the coordinates will be 2,2,6 (or something like that) and be out in the middle of the ocean. You will have to sail all the way around the continent to get to the other side, so keep that in mind while your planning your course.


unfurl sail or unfurl: Moves you forward.
Add Full to move at full speed.
Add 1 to move one tile
Forward: Moves you forward.
Add full to move at top speed, like so: forward full.
Add 1 to move one tile
forward left or forward right: move forward *and* to the right or left.
Very handy when you want to move straight up, down, right or left on the screen.
Back and Back left and Back right work just the same way, only backwards.
right or left: Turns the boat 90 degrees to the right or left.
stop, furl sail, furl: Stops the boat
Turn right, Starboard: Turns the boat to the right.
Turn left, Port: Turns the boat to the left
Come about: 180 degree turn
Drydock: turns your boat into a little toy boat.
The hold has to be empty, and nothing can be on deck.
The toy boat is newbiefied.
Swab the deck: When you say this, the tillerman will clean off all the items and corpses on the deck.
Pick up anything you want to keep before hand because otherwise its going overboard.
Extend Planks: Extends and unlocks both of the boat's planks
Retract Planks: Retracts and locks both of the boat's planks
Sail Troll/Trawl: Allows you to "fish" for ocean spawn creatures.
See Trawling for more information


You can now specifically use a boat to try to find evil sea creature things. While you're on your boat out in deep water away from land and reletively motionless (not sailing at full speed, basically) say either 'sail troll' or 'sail trawl'.

The tillerman will ask you to pick a fish to use as bait to attract the sea creatures. The better the fish you use (in terms of how much that fish will sell for), the better the creature that'll tend to show up. (Order is: Fish, Beige fish, Purple fish, Gold fish, Odd fish, Peculiar fish, Strange fish, and Eccentric fish).

Your fishing skill helps to determine how long it takes for something to show up, but doesn't affect what type of creature shows up. Some of the monsters are kind of nasty, so it won't hurt to take a friend or two. :)


Boat Type Cost
Small Boat Deed 25,000
Small Dragon Boat Deed 35,000
Medium Boat Deed 50,000
Medium Dragon Boat Deed 60,000
Large Boat Deed 80,000
Large Dragon Boat Deed 90,000

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